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  1. Thelo na se xanado na mou peis kai na sou po dakry mena sagapo pounai kompos sto laimo xero oti den boris xeris oti den boro ma eite lathos i sosto thelo na se xanado

  2. RyanBigPipi


    @bigflip Wondering where you got the slot 🤔
  3. I know I have not been on the server for quite some time but I would like to recommend @bigflip. He is one of the most determined,hard working and efficient members on this community, not only as a staff member but also as an ex-member of the QA team. He has been one of the best staff higher ups this server have seen and he cleary deserves a shout out, keep up the good work!
  4. Better 12 than a 13 year old neo-nazi
  5. Do that and you'll end up banned for quite some time. Just find money or buy custom jobs with in game money and then sell them for cash so you can buy your VIP

  7. Shop's closing due to the fact Kratos was sold😥 to @darjan.toplak
  8. Updated the store!!! Thanks to @Shrex.