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    1. RyanBigPipi


      Oh shut up noob

  2. Shop's closing due to the fact Kratos was sold😥 to @darjan.toplak
  3. sick greekgodz banner

  4. Updated the store!!! Thanks to @Shrex.
  5. Next CJ restart Kratos will have the following: The Ability to act as hobo & @TheSlayer341 new co-owner!
  6. Skyfie is a good admin, might be dumb yet he gets the job done+ he is one of the most active ones
  7. RyanBigPipi

    OoO's OoO

    I like it lol it's different,but if you have problems with Epilepsy I suggest not staring at it for too long
  8. Next CJ restart Kratos will have the following: Climb SWEP Ability to raid PD Spawn with 100 armor Ability to mug others
  9. That it is why Kratos is the best custom job. Credits to @Shrex Machine Ben
  10. Current Owners/Co-owners @RyanBigPipi, @Slayer, @EpicGamer
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