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  1. Rhys

    Hi Friend!
    Hope you're well ❤️ 

  2. Rhys

    Hope you're doing well! Be blessed ❤️

  3. This makes it look like I’m dead but thank you very much indeed
  4. Just been chilling and seen @sup1234 helping a new player in detail with how to play which I think is incredibly kind and compassionate hence the post. That is all. God bless sup1234 and cloud gaming
  5. Rhys

    Shook's Store

    Nice rework I love you both
  6. Rhys

    Mod rank on forums.

    So kind! Thank you james.!
  7. Rhys

    Marine Giveaway!

    I'll be having that #
  8. I’ll put a good word in for you if you drop me a slot for a fiver 😉
  9. I have asthma so unfortunately couldnt breathe at these depths, will have to resign my position in the task force
  10. Rhys


    If i dont get it ill buy it off you for a five r
  11. Rhys

    Welsh council estate

    Bonejob is alive
  12. He’s he’s 👍 he’s alright good morning xxxx
  13. Rhys

    jack locks

    vote ddddddddd sssex
  14. Rhys


    I agree with Pilvax, Radec is a truly lovely bloke x