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    Cant wait to get my hands on this badass
  2. Filling up my bath was there when no one else was, the server was under attack. Thanks to filling we were able to continue playing the server in peace. (Filling for co-owner 2020) @sw4ner
  3. Coke

    rank on forums

    And why is my rank still mod more importantly. I'm sure you guys don't want a minge representing your staff team
  4. I'm not sure but i think it's in the name ❤️ (also ^^^)
  5. He joined cause he knew he had to upgrade from his current gang :).
  6. i agree, i wish he could get promoted without an app . Hes a great staff member though!
  7. Today was the craziest day and i'm sure @Astrax can agree lol These people were super supportive and were working super hard as they raced around getting tons of reports. @Astrax Dealt with a guy that was super annoying and was MRB (And other reports) @Juice Dealt with a guy that was prop abusing and was being inappropriate around a 7 year old. @Roby Was very fast and very polite. NOTE: Today these three people were seen everywhere and i want them to get noticed by the community for their hard work!
  8. Coke


    he scares me too sometimes 😂😂@El Loca (Roby has done nothing its just a joke calm down)
  9. @noodleswoody as i said i dont mind and its all over now, sounds fair anyways.
  10. @15inb like is said i don't mind it but i didn't gain anything from it is what i'm trying to say. Anyways its all over now i have decided to wait 6 days before i start another staff application.
  11. @Courier will do thanks
  12. Steam ID STEAM_0:1:460192395 Reason Of Help I was recently jailed for "Job Abuse" and yes i do believe i was job abusing but i was gaining no advantage over other players from doing so. All i did was jump up onto a bridge and then switch back, there was no one up there but my friend and i'm sorry but i don't agree with the jail. please get back to me -SS Coke
  13. I noticed @netCat, @xDraken & @Turtle a load this month and i have decided to recommend these people for constantly administrating on CG DarkRP and being fast to respond to me and my friends when making a report!