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  1. Cactus Mascul

    Mining dmg

    so you can buy from the store +25% dmg to pickaxe , but how much dmg does a pickaxe normally do and how much HP does a rock has, I want to find out how much dmg does that purchase actually gives you.
  2. This man is an absolute unite , very professional and good friend.
  3. I remember that some time ago , someone showed me a graph that they worked on with all the weapons damage and I would be very grateful if someone could help me with that .
  4. Murder is sweet and revenge tastes like Pepsi. Over all friendly players and I enjoy being around them.
  5. Buying IG Name: KTH Cactus Mascul Buying: any: Any CJ (offer) Description: Dm me on forum or on discord to negociate (Cactus Mascul#9378) Looking to pay: Up to 115 mil (igm) Payment method(s) : IGM + you pay fee Other comments: n/a
  6. I alredy had a CSS adons instaled, maybe cuz I deleted all my addons, it might deleted CSS too, I will just reinstall it and see how it goes. It works now guys, ty all!
  7. Well, where can I get CSS addons?
  8. well, hats, weapons, pots this are the stuff that are shown as errors for me.
  9. Cactus Mascul


    Hey guys, I installed some CG DarkRP addons and now I cant see the moonshine machine and the long fance at the spawn and wearhouse, I am going to uninstall all of them and can someone give me a link with all the addons I have to instal for CG DarkRP? Thanks!
  10. Cactus Mascul


    As far as I know, there are 3 dumpsters that hobo can search in, if are there more then 3 , I would be rly happy to know where. Thanks!
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