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  1. he is very nice man, but wont play despacito sadly
  2. But he is agreeing with pedo's actions Pedo you're a pretty decent and fun guy to be around, but you can be a bit of a dick. 7.3/10
  3. pedo traps me in boxes and steals all my money
  4. Like scamming and paying the money to get unbanned
  5. How much do they pay? That's what I meant but I'm kinda retarded.
  6. What does paid mean when someone is unbanned?
  7. Dann 69

    NPC Guide

    Rip title shop
  8. Dann 69

    Easy Record Software

    The shortcut for this is windows key + alt + G
  9. What did Coke do to make everyone hate him?
  10. mate we made this post on the same day and both got hate wtf
  11. Dann 69


    skyfe i have an image
  12. Couldn't find anything about it so I'm just wondering if its a good weapon edit: Its shit because i can't aim
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