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  3. Used to be a way but currently there isn't
  4. Selling IG Name: Slayer Selling: MARINE,COURIER and TYLOO Description: Custom jobs Price: 35 each or 80 for all Payment method(s) PAYPAL Other comments: Please buy
  5. decent cj, never gonna make money/ never going to be able to sell a slot. This cj has sold for 10 times less to someone. Ill offer you like 30 quid
  6. peepeepoopoofartpeepoo cstm jb Description: IM ONLY OWNER! MY NEW PRIVATE CJ Weapons: NONE Abilities: Soon maybe some need s0prrlrues to talk to R0ast Price: 10000 YEN or like 100quid paypal (Payment stricly set to buff balance) DM ME ON DISCORD: Slayer-#1342 PLANS: Weapons PKM, Double Barrel, Mustang & Sally, Ithaca M37, CSS Deagle, M14, HL2 Crossbow, Minigun, Damascus Sword, Barret M82, Mossberg 590, .357 Magnum, ACR, SCAR, MP9, F2000 Sweps Unarrest Baton, Climb Swep, weapon_medkit, Keypad Cracker, Camo, Fists, Bhop Swep, Magic Sword, Disguise Kit, Pickaxe, Pro Lockpick, Hack Phone Abilities Can Rob Bank, Can Mug, Can Kidnap, Can Take Hits, Can Be Hired As A Guard, Can do meth, Can grow weed, Can spawn armor charger, Can make moonshine, DJ Equipment, Special Arms Equipment, 100 armor
  7. Slayer


    Mostofasalad, if you look closely you can see that the dates of the post are over a full year ago! I cannot believe you are such a low life to still bring this up! Toast has changed since the messages were sent. He is now a changed man!
  8. 1. Clip: To put on or take of the supressor you need to press e+right click simultaneously or hold e and then right click. 2. Clip: To toggle a gun between Semi-Automatic and Automatic you need to press e+r simultaneously or hold e and then press r.
  9. Sold Marine Ownership to @SYMMIJ
  10. Selling IG Name: Slayer Selling: FULL Marine ownership Description: Cool CP CJ with lots of guns and things Price: 150 GBP can be discussed Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments: I need money for CSGO Gambling sites SOLD TO @SYMMIJ
  11. FLASH SALE!!! Selling Marine Slots for 25 Pounds untill Midnight (00:00 BST)!!
  12. Slayer

    Marine Giveaway!

    Congratulations to @Kaede❄ for Winning the Marine Slot. Thank you for everyone who showed interest in the giveaway. I would also like to apologize for the Mistake on the first spin as I had forgotten a few names on the wheel so I had to respin to make it fair. @james.
  13. I've decided to give away 1 Marine Slot for the one Year anniversary of @Spoodermans Closed Shop. To enter the giveaway all you have to do is reply to this post. To make it as fair as I can you may only enter the Giveaway once, No Exceptions. The Giveaway ends in 3 Days. I will unvail the winner in CG Discord in unlimited voice channel at 7pm UK Time on Friday. Marine is a CP Custom Job that Acts like the Swat Sniper and follows the same rules, meaning that you are not forced to AOS people anymore and can KOS people instead. It comes with a fair amount of weapons, 150 Armour and with all the Sweps. More about what is has is below. What Marine Has: Weapons: HK 416,Vector, SPAS 12, Double Barrel, AI AW50, Winchester 1897, Ithaca, Dlore, PKM , Matador. SWEPS: Climb SWEP, 150 Armour, Arrest/Unarrest Baton, Battering Ram, Stun-stick, Weapon Checker, Shield, Magic Sword, Medkit, Camo Swep, Disguise Kit, BHOP Swep. Abilities: Act as Civil Protection, Act as S.W.A.T Sniper, Ability to build on the street.
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