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  1. Sexy name. Even sexier player model, good luck!
  2. https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/forms/3-staff-application/
  3. I don’t think there is a way to not lose speed when you turn around, But you can gain this speed back by switching to climb swep and bouncing off the Wall, like you did at the start ( if we talking about climb + bhop). If we not talking about clim + bhop, then you should learn how to do it (i made tutorial :3). And here is tutorial, if you need it.
  4. I think you can only generate up to 2-4 tokens, then you cannot do it anymore, that's what happend to me. So if you’ve already created 4 tokens and haven’t verified them, then I guess you can't do it anymore. Anyway if you do get Ultimate VIP in-game then you can ask super admin to give you discord rank, like I did. I mean you would only get like 25k in-game money, so just go mine for like 3 minutes and you have it.
  5. If you do !pm <their name/Steam ID> and if they Are not close to you then, yes it will say “nobody can hear you” but if you do /pm <their steamID> it will say above who you PMing and if it doesn’t say this, then they Are camoing, atleast works for me, you dont even need to write Full name if you use “/“, Because it will show you above, if you Are gonna PM right guy.
  6. Hello! Today I have decided to make a video and this list about 8 things that you didn't know on CG (ik some of you might know them but idc!!!!) 1. Thing: Terminal camera can be destroyed, it's not noclided and it has around 100hp - 10 fist hits. I was testing my base if it's RPG proof, and because there was nobody who could help me, I have tested it with different way! If you put a camera, and shot RPG in your base, and then fist the camera (regularly it would need 10hits to break, but if base is not RPG proof, RPG hits it, and it takes less hits to break it!) It also might work with printers, as they have HP bar. 2. Thing: Camera in tool gun cannot be destroyed, it's noclided, it blocks bullets and can be taken by fisting it (if it's not frozen). If you ask me, camera in q menu is better then terminal camera, it is true only you can see what camera sees, but it cannot be destroyed! If you don't freeze it (right click) it can be punched and it will fall down, but if you freeze it, it cannot be taken down! 3. Thing: Crossbow's ammo can bounce off the wall and it can damage people! This is quite usefull stuff, as if someone is basing in redhouse near shitville, and they have these little ramp stuff when you jump out of window, you can use crossbow and hit a person before they even peek! Ofcourse there is a way to deny this, easily put a prop on the top of the ceiling and it will stop the ammo to hurt you! 4. Thing: Snowballs can move printers (bugbaits can kinda too). So, if you throw a snowball at printer (aim a little bit higher) it will push the printer, not a lot, but it will push it. It is a perfect way to troll your bodies when you are basing! 5. Thing: You can clear your decals (ammo shots, blood....). If you type in console r_cleardecals it will clear EVERYTHING on the map (blood, shots....), it might prevent some lag for you and it is gonna be prettier! Ofcourse you can bind it by doing: bind (key) "r_cleardecals" in console (more info in video on 2:39). 6. Thing: You can see if someone is camoing/dead/in sit area by doing this: /pm (person's name/steamID) and if it says "nobody can hear you" above it, then he is camoing.... Ofcourse it's not gonna work if person is off, and it's not gonna work with !pm 7. Thing: You can mute someone in-game via tab menu. If you press tab and you will on the right side, there are some little icons, if you press them, you can mute ANYONE in game, only mic muting. For example: if some hobo is micspamming and it's annoying to you, you can just mute him! 8. Thing: You can wolk slowly. If I am not wrong, it automaticly sets this feature on "alt" key, but it might not do it, so if you wanna check it go to settings, keyboard and scroll down untill you find "walk", then press on it, and "edit key" and choose whatever key you want! If you are too lazy to read all of this above, there is ofcourse a video! (it might be a little bit laggy idk why tho) I might make part 2! Hope you guys like all of this and bye!
  7. If I am not wrong, it has only Barret sniper
  8. R.I.P F2000 Great update tho can’t react to anything more today :sadsalute:
  9. Flip


    Gotta agree with this one. Keep up with your great work man
  10. Hello, guess who is back again! Today I have made video about how to bhop (it might be a little bit laggy idk why tho ) Bhopping is fast and fun way to travel around map, so I have decided to make a video tutorial about it (I know there are already some guides for it, but I haven't really found any video about it, so I made my own one ) I didn't really mention one point in video which is: Gaining more speed from bhopping, beacuse this is just regular tutorial on how to easly bhop. (Sorry about thumbnail too dumb/lazy to make one ) Probably A LOT of you already know how to bhop really fast, but I have seen a lot of people asking on server "How do I bhop so fast?" , if they ask something like this again we can just give them link to this forum page and they might learn it!!! As I said in the last guide post, I hope this helps some people out and ENJOY! (Maybe I am already making more tutorials, who knows! :3 )
  11. Hi! So, I have made another quick tutorial about how to get any weapon binds and bind them quick and easy! I know someone made whole list of all weapon bind commands, but I decided to make a fast video about how to get bind for weapon, by only knowing it's name! (You might need to stop at some parts if you wanna do it correctly! ) As I said in the last guide, I hope this helps some people out and, enjoy! (#Flip4BestGuideMaker2021) :3
  12. Hello! Beacuse I was bored and I wanted to help this community out, I made a small tutorial on how to download builds/base dupes... I know probably a lot of you already know how to do it, but I think some people don't, so I decided to make a quick tutorial! It's not perfect but after watching it, you should know how to get these kind of stuff! I hope it helps some people out Enjoy! ( I am sorry if something like this already exists on Cloud Gaming forums xD, if it does I couldn't find it, so I decided to make my own one! )
  13. Flip