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  2. Press tab if you have the golden badge next to your name, if you don’t try to type !checkrank in chat which should give you the rank
  3. Flip

    Flip's "Trafika"

    I've decided to limit the number of slots that I will create for Addicted Header, so each slot becomes more valuable. Which means, that the next 7 slots will be for original price of £40 and after these slots have been sold, the price will get increased. After the price gets increased, there will once again be only a limited number of slots available before they're all bought up. I think this should bring somewhat of a value to Addicted Header slots (also make it somewhat rare) + from the money I get the job will get upgraded i definitely did not make this decision because the sales been low hehe
  4. Flip

    Flip's "Trafika"

    -Addicted Header- - Added Hackphone Also shout out @Lemze for that fiver AGAIN ❤️
  5. Flip

    Flip's "Trafika"

    Store updated: - Removed Baldy - Added Marine
  6. Melons. STEAM_0:0:443891539
  7. Flip

    Flip's "Trafika"

    Now trading my Baldy slot for a CP Job (preferably Spetsnaz or Marine), I pay fee for my Baldy slot!
  8. Flip

    Brute+ Store

    OMG PUBLIC CJ WITH FAL??? This is getting too overpowered lol
  9. Flip

    Flip's "Trafika"

    I am not going below 35 inc fee, if you wanna buy it for 35 pm me on discord x
  10. Flip

    Flip's "Trafika"

    Store updated: - Added my last CJ, Roadman!
  11. Flip

    Flip's "Trafika"

    Now selling Baldy for £35 including fee! PM me on discord (Flip#0120) if interested x
  12. Flip

    Flip's "Trafika"

    Store updated: - Added my 2 other CJs to store (Baldy and QA Team CJ), very cool!
  13. Wow how cool, I wonder where you got that from! (Nice store btw x)
  14. Really cool store, well done!
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