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  1. There was a guy earlier looking to buy reb for 40 mil negotionable Like julioblund was his name
  2. CARTEL Owned by @BobsYaAuntie. Weapons: Honeybadger Sweps: Bhop_Swep, Climb Swep Ablilities: 100Armour Entities: None Not Verified Payment Methods: Bank transfer 35£ Right now due to not many things on the job.
  3. Yo I’ve added you on discord I’m selling bozo cp cj my name on discord is Outlaw-Yoink
  4. BobsYaAuntie

    Up Votes

    Im Trying To Get Up Votes Whats The Best Way To Get Them? Thanks For Your Time.
  5. Are Staff allowed to take their friends sits?
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