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  1. 120223222_157390529367839_1710080642404443128_n.mp4
  2. Them dance moves are out of date, this is the new one https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/656200926016700428/771402296859820052/final_5f91dd75b6bc1000d446be1d_9913.mp4
  3. Epic is a very nice Greek person, he is always active in game and goes OD when asked to. Even though some people may think this recommendation is a joke but in my opinion I feel like its well deserved, he tries hard so I'm recommending him Good job @EpicGamer
  4. SOLD IG Name: Rhitey Selling: Rebellion Description: Features: Meth | Bitcoin | Weed | Moonshine | DJ Equipment | Hitman (job can take hits) | 100 Armor | Armor charger | Raid bank/PD | Sweps: CamoSwep | BHop Swep | Climb Swep 2 | BugBait | MedKit | Magic Sword | UnnarestBaton | Police Shield | Hack Phone | Pro Lockpick | Keypad cracker | DisguiseKit | Fists Weapons: Double barrel | shottyUSAS | Ithaca M37 | SVU | Cross bow | Famas | Tar21 | SL8 You may base and raid with anyone | You may build on the street | You are allowed to mug for a maximum of £10000 | You are allowed to kidnap anyone | You are allowed to raid PD. Price: £15 <YOU PAY FEE> Payment method(s): PAYPAL Other comments: If you want to use DISCORD and not through forums, Friend me (Rhitey#6969)
  5. @Mortimer Thanks a lot man, I dont really know what to say I will try to stay on a lot later during the times when staff members are needed
  6. So is there no way for me to get my tokens back?
  7. Yo so I have been saving up my tokens for a while to buy a weapons crate for 50 tokens, and when i bought the crate from the store nothing happened, i closed the page and went to see what gun i got, and nothing was there. I was advised by Kiru to restart my game and check again. I did that and when i came back i still found nothing but when i did /store and went to inventory, the crate was there but i couldn't sell or open it, Please help i do not know what else to do thanks Proof - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xZM-im2IIFHgyw31AGCbeC8riBUVBIniyLDxBi96dqU/edit?usp=sharing