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Found 1 result

  1. bigflip


    Hello Cloud Gamers! Somewhere in December 2019 I hosted a giveaway for a Rebellion slot and at that time I've said to myself that at a point I'd like to host another CJ giveaway one day. Today I decided to host a giveaway for my Kratos slot. I know that at this moment it isn't a very strong/good Custom Job, but the stuff that it has right now are some good starters imo (I will attach the custom job details at the bottom of the post). As I said, not the best CJ out there right now but still it is a free CJ for you! Even more I've heard that the current owner of Kratos is planning on adding plenty of stuff in the future, so I am certain that a point it will become a good Custom Job! The reason why I am giving this CJ away is that I don't really RP these days, I dedicate my available time for CG for staffing and well I don't really get to use it that much, while I think that someone else would be happy to have it, and actually use it. Gangster with some gang perks, guns etc. will fit well for me right know if I want to RP a little. Furthermore I sort of received this CJ for free, so I believe it is rather nice and right to give it for free than selling it for money. Anyway after you win this custom job you can obviously do whatever you wish: keep it, gift it if you are generous or sell it straight away. In order to make this giveaway as fair as possible for everyone you can have only 1 entry which you get for free by leaving a comment on this topic or by pm-ing me on the forums/Discord (leaving a comment here and also pm-ing me wont give you 2 entries). So no, you can't get or buy more extra entries by giving in-game money, I used that option for my previous giveaway. After opting to join the giveaway I will PM you your entry number on the forums or Discord. Also for the giveaway to be totally free I will obviously pay the transfer fee! The registrations will be closed on March 30 and on March 31 the winner will be picked with random.org and announced. GOOD LUCK!!! CUSTOM JOB DETAILS: Weapons and Sweps: PKM, Climb Swep, Lockpick. Abilities: Raid, Take Hits, Raid PD, Mug, Act as Hobo and Weed. Link to the official Kratos page for more details: https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/25502-new-offical-kratos-shop/