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Found 3 results

  1. IG Name: Don Holm Selling: Chaos custom job slots Price: 45£ Payment methods: PayPal Only Contact: For details/questions, message me on the forums or on my discord Holm#7685 匚卄卂ㄖ丂 Custom job ownership Ownership by @Holm and @Baumann Description They are told that they are carrying out a great rebellion against the anarchy of the status quo—a world where "consensus reality" itself is an illusion, history's great lie, perpetrated by the Foundation. They are told that they will use the anomalous to build a utopian future, where humanity is master of everything, not just a mirage. But really, who knows what the Chaos actually wants? Custom job is a verified You can base and raid with anyone. You may not enforce the law Weapons: Ithacam37 Shotgun, HL2 Crossbow, HL2 Magnum Revolver, Double barrel Shotgun, USAS Shotgun, Winchester1897 Shotgun, M82 Barret Sniper, Val Assault Rifle, AK74 Assault Rifle, M14 Assault Rifle, Ares Shrike Machine gun, Minigun, EX41 Grenade launcher SWEPS: Magic Sword, 100 Armor, Climb Swep, Bhop Swep, Hack-phone, Camouflage, Unarrest baton, Disguise, Police shield, Lockpick, Keypad cracker, Medkit, Fists Abilities: Mining pickaxe, "Bitcoin miners" equipment, "Special arms dealer" equipment, "Meth Cook" Equipment, "Moonshine brewer" equipment, DJ equipment, Spawns armor charger, Grows Weed, Take Hits, Raids PD, Raids Bank, Can be hired as a guard, Can mug for a max of £10,000, Can kidnap, Builds on street Price 45£ ꧁꧂ © Template by Holm 2020 ®
  2. IAmCow | Lee

    Cow's Store

    IG Name: NIG IAmCow Selling: Blaze Slot Description: Blaze: It has a lot of guns (best weapons in the game), entities, sweps and abilities. You can base and raid with anyone. Can be hired as a guard. Price: £35 + fee (slightly negotiable) Payment method(s) PayPal Only Other comments: Contact me on Discord if anything further is needed to be discussed : IAmCow / Lee / Red#5619
  3. IG Name: TheMadSpyCrab Selling: Blaze Description: It has a lot of guns (best weapons in the game), entities, sweps and abilities. You can base and raid with anyone. Can be hired as a guard. Price: N/A Payment method(s) PayPal Only Other comments: Cheap so you should buy yes thanks ❤️ Either reply on this topic or can message me on discord. Discord: TheMadSpyCrab#2455
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