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Found 1 result

  1. Immersel

    Immersel yeah

    IG Name: Immersel Selling: Exile Description: Message me in game or on discord for info Payment method(s) Paypal/In game money/Custom job trade Other comments: Looking to trade Exile for another custom job Exile (✔) Owners: @Toast @Eskimo @Cataclysm Description: Verified Crispy man player model Raid and base with anyone Most weapons on the server All weapons are good and serve a purpose no filler weapons like other jobs Weapons: Magic Sword, USAS, Remington 870, SCAR, SVU, MP5Sd, Deagle, Ithaca, M60, AMD65, M1918 Bar, Sl8, Barret M82, 1887 Winchester, Glock, Famas - More to come. SWEPS: Active Camouflage, Climb SWEP, Bhop, Hackphone, 100 Armour, Unarrest Baton, Disguise Kit, Lock pick, Keypad Cracker, Med Kit Abilities: DJ Equipment, Mug, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Grow weed , Special Arms Dealer, bitcoin, meth - More to come. Price: £40 but willing to negotiate Steven Owners: @_RzVibration @Sprickles Description: Steven custom job, very good yes Weapons: m9k_ares_shrike, m9k_ithacam, m9k_svu, m9k_dbarrel, m9k_jackhammer, m9k_ak74, m9k_sl8, m9k_ied_detonator, m9k_1897winchester, csgo_daggers, m9k_matador, m9k_famas, m9k_mp5sd, m9k_barret_m82 SWEPS: weapon_lightsaber (magic sword), climb_swep2, bhop_swep, weapon_hack_phone, weapon_camo, weapon_medkit, unarrest_stick, wp_hammer, weapon_policeshield, pro_lockpick_update Abilities: DJ, Hits, Moonshine, Weed, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Build on streets m9k_ied_detonator is bugged atm Price: N/A£ Chief Inspector Owner: @roast Description: Combine soldier hl2 player model Acts as Civil Protection and is the highest ranked CP of all Swat jobs Weapons: Magic Sword, Ithacam37, G36, AWP SWEPS: 175 Armour, Active Camouflage, Climb SWEP, Bhop Swep, Police Shield, a Disguise kit, Stunstick, Arrest/unarrest baton, Weapon checker, Battering ram Abilities: Follows the same rules as Swat Leader Price: N/A£
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