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Found 9 results

  1. IG Name: Don Holm Selling: Baldy custom job slots Price: 45£ Payment methods: PayPal Only Contact: For details/questions, message me on the forums or on my discord Holm#7685 乃卂ㄥᗪㄚ Custom job ownership Ownership by @Holm and @Baumann Description You have no hair on your head where its supposed to be. Custom job is a verified You can base and raid with anyone. You may not enforce the law Weapons: Ithacam37 Shotgun, HL2 Crossbow, HL2 Magnum Revolver, Double barrel Shotgun, USAS Shotgun, Winchester1897 Shotgun, M82 Barret Sniper, Val Assault Rifle, AK74 Assault Rifle, M14 Assault Rifle, Ares Shrike Machine gun, Minigun, EX41 Grenade launcher SWEPS: Magic Sword, 100 Armor, Climb Swep, Bhop Swep, Hack-phone, Camouflage, Unarrest baton, Disguise, Police shield, Lockpick, Keypad cracker, Medkit, Fists Abilities: Mining pickaxe, "Bitcoin miners" equipment, "Special arms dealer" equipment, "Meth Cook" Equipment, "Moonshine brewer" equipment, DJ equipment, Spawns armor charger, Grows Weed, Take Hits, Raids PD, Raids Bank, Can be hired as a guard, Can mug for a max of £10,000, Can kidnap, Builds on street Price 45£ © 2021 Holm ® All Rights Reserved.
  2. IG name: Koko Selling: Soldier and Baldy Description: Criminal CJs with a lot of weapons Price: both are £25 inc. fee Payment method: Paypal Other comments: Dm me on my discord user8814#7093 if interested!
  3. NOTE: > All prices include transfer fee. > Custom jobs with a line through the price are currently not for sale. > Custom jobs that have been sold will have "SOLD" in the title. > For details/questions about Soldier, message 'hnood' or 'Sprickles' Soldier Slots Owners: @Sprickles @hnood190 Description: dod_american playermodel You may base and raid with anyone. Fat Forehead and Guns 4 LIFE Weapons: Shadow Daggers - Mac10 - Winchester 73 - AK-47 - Barret M82 - Ares Shrike - Double Barrel Shotgun - Ithaca M37 - PKM - Mossberg - M14 - Winchester 1897 - Matador - IED Detonator SWEPS: Unarrest baton - Police Shield - Magic Sword - Climb SWEP - Bhop SWEP - Camo SWEP - Disguise Kit - Medic Kit - Hack Phone - Hammer - Pro Lockpick - Keypad Cracker Features: 100 Armor - Raid PD - Raid Bank - Build on the streets - Mug People - Kidnap People - Grow Weed - Brew Moonshine - DJ Equipment - Take Hits - £150 Salary Price: £45 Future ideas: m9k_ied_detonator - temporarily unavailable also selling my dupe folder (638 dupes) for a fiver🤯 Fan Art:
  4. IG Name: Kevin Bail Selling: Rebellion Description: Discord or Message me on the Forums. Price: Meh, look below Payment method(s): Paypal Boney Slots Description: Skeleton HL2 Player Model Can raid and base with everyone ✔ Now Verified ✔ Weapons: m9k_scar , double barrel, m9k_ithacam37, Jackhammer, m9k_M3, m9k_Matador, m9k_mp5sd, m9k_barret_m82, m9k_sl8 SWEPS: Active Camouflage, 100 Armor, Climb Swep 2, Hackphone, Disguise, BHop Swep, Unarrest Baton, Police Shield Abilities: Meth Cook, Raid PD, Build on streets, Raid Bank, Mug, Weed, Moonshine Price: N/A£ Steven Slots Description: Steven custom job, very good yes Weapons: m9k_ares_shrike, m9k_ithacam, m9k_svu, m9k_dbarrel, m9k_jackhammer, m9k_ak74, m9k_sl8, m9k_ied_detonator, m9k_1897winchester, csgo_daggers, m9k_matador, m9k_famas, m9k_mp5sd, m9k_barret_m82 SWEPS: weapon_lightsaber (magic sword), climb_swep2, bhop_swep, weapon_hack_phone, weapon_camo, weapon_medkit, unarrest_stick, wp_hammer, weapon_policeshield, pro_lockpick_update, disguisekit Abilities: DJ, Hits, Moonshine, Weed, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Build on streets Price: N/A£ Rebellion Description: You may base and raid with anyone. You may build on the streets. You are allowed to mug for a maximum of £10000. You are allowed to kidnap anyone. You are allowed to raid PD. Weapons: Magic Sword, Double barrel shotgun,Spas 12,Ithaca M37,SVU,Cross bow,G36,Tar21 SWEPS: Climb Swep 2, Bhop Swep, Hackphone, Camo, Disguise, Police shield, lockpick,Keypad Cracker,Medkit Abilities: DJ equipment, Create Bitcoins, Spawn armor charger, Meth cook, Brew Moonshine, Grow Weed, Take Hits, Raid PD, Build on streets Price: Eh just discord me£ Exile Description: Exile Custom Job Verified Weapons: m9k_usas, m9k_m60, m9k_scar, m9k_remington870, m9k_mp5sd, m9k_deagle, m9k_sl8, m9k_m1918bar, m9k_amd65 SWEPS: weapon_lightsaber (magic sword), climb_swep2, bhop_swep, weapon_hackphone, weapon_camo, unarrest_stick, disguise_kit, pro_lockpick_update, 3d2dcracker_weapon Abilities: DJ, Weed, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Build on Streets Price: N/A£ Gman Description: Owned by Jamie, a Super Admin Weapons: m9k_ithacam37, m9k_SVT40, m9k_val, m9k_aw50, m9k_amd65, m9k_usas, m9k_m1918bar, m9k_glock, m9k_dragunov, m9k_model3russian, m9k_deagle, m9k_1897winchester, m9k_mp40, m9k_model500 SWEPS: Magic Sword, Damascus Sword, Police shield, Cloak SWEP, Climb SWEP, Bhop SWEP, Hack Phone, Unarrest baton, Medkit, Hammer, opbugbait Abilities: Build on Streets, Raid Bank/PD, DJ, Special Arms Dealer, Moonshine, Bitcoin, Meth, Weed, Be Hired as a Guard, Armour Charger, Take hits. Price: N/A£
  5. Current Owners/Co-owners @RyanBigPipi, @Slayer, @EpicGamer
  6. Citizen + Custom job ownership's Co-Owner @Jaykaytee Owner: @The real Duck Description Citizen + is a boost from the default Citizen role you come with. Its filled with toys and guns to use. You can do majority of everything in this CJ and in the end, you will be able to do everything. The goal of this CJ is to give the owner a pleasant and easy ride in action and basing. what else would you want when u can be a normal citizen? CANNOT ENFORCE THE LAW Weapons: XM, EBR auto-sniper, Barret sniper, AK 74, Damascus, Double barrel, "Mustang And Sally" & Ithaca. SWEPS: Bhop-Swep, Climb-Swep, Unarrest baton, Hack phone, Magic sword, Keypad cracker. Lockpick, Disguise kit, HL2 Med-kit & Fists. Abilities: Ability to act like hobo, Mug up to 10k, Raid PD & Bank, Take Hits, Spawns with 100 armor. Ability to spawn "Weed" equipment, Ability to buy "Moonshine Brewer" Equipment, Spawn in armor charger & Ability to act as a guard. Price = £40 (Currently only selling through PayPal) (Updates come often) My discord: JayJay#5379 Here is the other owners: Duck#9136 The whole goal of this CJ is to become a high tier CJ we want our community to engage and feel like they decide what happens to it as well. They can say what they want and what is missing and we do pulls onto what we should add next or to decide which weapon to add first. we want to put our community first and be the main factor of the enjoyment of this CJ. -JayJay © Template by Rica 2020 ®
  7. Selling IG Name: IAmCow Selling: Rebellion Description: CAN base with everyone. It's weapons include : Double Barrel Shotgun, Usas, Ithaca M37, SVU, Crossbow, Famas, SL8 and Tar21. It also has access to many SWEPS such as : Camo,BHop.Climb,Bugbait,MedKit,Magic Sword, Unarrest Baton, Police Shield, Hack phone, Pro Lockpick, Keypad cracker and the Disguise Kit. Finally, the Rebellion's has access to Meth, Bitcoin, Weed, Moonshine,DJ,Hitman, 100 Armour and can span an armour charger. Price: 25 euro Payment method(s) : PayPal Only Other comments ; I really need this sold so please message me if interested. I will be checking here but best place to contact me is discord : Leedahbee#5619
  8. fake

    fake's Store

    IG Name: fake Selling: Custom Jobs Description: Message me on Discord (fake#6370) or Forums if you're interested Price: Stated below Payment method(s): Paypal only Other comments: Flip me yes?
  9. Buying IG Name: Sapling Buying: Description: Looking to pay: Payment method(s) Other comments: Selling IG Name: Sapling Selling: Cyrax Slot Description: Old Decent CJ Playermodel: Gangster Playermodel Weapons: Magic Sword Spas Ithaca Db SVD DragunoV Sweps: Bhop Climb Swep Hack Phone Keypad Cracker Pro Lockpick Abilities: You may base and raid with anyone. You are allowed to mug for a maximum of £10000. You may not enforce the law. You may build on the street. You are allowed to kidnap anyone except government officials. You may raid the bank. Price: SOLD Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments: Owned by @OddityCoWs