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Found 1 result

  1. IG Name: Jamie Selling: Gman slots Description: Weapons: Magic Sword Damascus Sword m9k_ithacam37 m9k_SVT40 m9k_val m9k_aw50 m9k_amd65 m9k_usas m9k_m1918bar m9k_glock m9k_dragunov m9k_model3russian Police shield m9k_deagle m9k_1897winchester m9k_mp40 m9k_model500 SWEP'S And Misc: Cloak SWEP Climb SWEP Bhop SWEP Hack Phone 100 Armor Unarrest baton Medkit Hammer(For Bank Robbery) opbugbait(for throwing at bozos) Abilities: Ability to build on the street. Ability to raid bank(Steal from Vault) Ability to raid PD(Steal Weapons from PD) Ability to spawn DJ equipment (Spawn TV and Radio) Ability to spawn special arms dealer weapons. Ability to brew moonshine. Ability to spawn bitcoin miners. Ability to make meth. Ability to grow weed. Ability to be hired as a guard. Ability to spawn armour charger. Ability to carry out hits. 6.4 Gman You may base, raid and kidnap with anyone. You are allowed to mug for a maximum of £10000. You may not enforce the law. You may not rape players within a public area, nor may your rape same person within 5 minutes. You may build in public. You may raid the PD. You may be hired as a guard Looking to add - Ability to carry out hits Price: £40(Including Transfer) Payment method(s) Paypal - Or another custom job(That isn't shit) Other comments: Don't comment unless you have a question regarding the job/are interested in a slot.
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