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Found 17 results

  1. CallMeTom

    CSS Textures

    This is used for loading all the textures of darkrp that is using csgo textures. First of all you need winrar for this TUTORIAL: so you go to this page download the css content with winrar. now you need to go to the Folder were you have gmod installed. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons You have to extract what is in the WinRAR folder to the other folder (this one over here ⬆️). Now when everything is installed there. Restart the garry's mod and you will have all the textures / sounds. you need winrar for this. i hope its helpful for you! http://files.fragboss.com/CSS Game Content.zip All this is allowed because your not installing the game just the textures so if you have allready the game you dont need this. its just for the people that dosent have csgo. if you dont have it you can do this tutorial.
  2. I lost money during a server restart roughly at 1:10 AM US Eastern Time on 7/21/19. There was a 10-minute warning every minute, however, after the restart happened, my bit miners were all gone through my printers were there. The warning promised to keep entities and props before the restart but I lost 550k after the restart after they disappeared. I would like my 550k if possible. Thanks. My in-game name is "BelgianWaffle."
  3. La baguette de France


    Haven't received the rank I payed for yet (Trial Mod) someone give it to me Please thanks
  4. I have PMed Roast, but I don't know if he disabled private messages, because he is usually speedy with replying. So anyways, I had VIP, MP7, Fletchlon Knife, White Cap, and VIP, but these were taken away during the reset. I have a screenshot of my VIP status, but not for any other items. (This was taken in early May 2019) https://gyazo.com/2b0bfc8582f2c459fcd6ea43b82867fc. Thanks!
  5. So I am trying to buy tokens. I have no PayPal. Do you take apple gift cards?
  6. https://gyazo.com/a54bca3de86ae81782010e05db9e2b4b I get this while trying to upload a gif that I compressed to fit the size? + Anyone know where i can find smaller size gifs?
  7. Hello I donated to get 100 Tokens to buy a VIP rank in the store , but i tried to claim the tokens , nothing happen !! as you can see in the store page that i donated for 100 and when trying in the game to exchange and claim them , nothing happens . i tried to reconnect but non of that help . I only have 5 Tokens . Please help me and thank you
  8. @roast @proxy (i don't know if proxy can help, but I'm sure you can talk to roast and tell him about it) Last restart i lost my CJ(Cyrax), i thought id wait for the next restart to see if roast would have fixed it but after the next restart it hasn't been added(i messaged roast as much as i could) i need help from roast so if you speak to him, please ask him can he add me back i don't know why i lost it, i sold dead knight and when the that restart happened i lost Dead knight(i was supposed too), and i lost Cyrax even though i didn't sell it i didn't make a forum for Cyrax, i only made a forum for Dead Knight Please Help Thanks
  9. ZeWookie

    Adv Dupe 2 NOOO!!!

    Hello Everyone! So.. basically a few days ago I dupped something on adv dupe 2. I tried opening it and adv dupe 2 got stuck on opening, then whenever i tried opening other crap it said "Opening Already", now I tried many ways to fix it and whenever i log on, I try loading a dupe and it gets stuck again, It works perfectly in Single Player but not on the server.. IDK if maybe u guys can reset my charachter? I WIll lose my money but It's no issue. Thanks, Wookie.
  10. I sent @Nomad the money for the job 39 days ago but he does not answer me. So i wrote to @roast, hey roast Nomad dont answer me but i already payed for the CJ. And btw i send him some screen shots of the payment. He answer me write him again. I did. I did it 5 times. But he dont answer me and left the conversation. So i write roast, hey roast Nomad leave the conversation. (sone screens of the conversation) Wait the first day. Wait the second day. Wait the third day. BOOOOM he leave the conversation too. WTF GG GJ OMFG WHY Now no one answer me and no one read my messages. BTW Tangy has already got his job and he definitely paid after me. Please excuse my bad english^^ [edit] @Bodman
  11. Introduction Note: Content in this guide that is the colour yellow are the important bits if you can't be bothered to read through everything. So, you've gone on to a server, perhaps TTT and you're greeted with purple checkers, big error signs and a really trippy skybox as colours merge and you have a seizure. Welcome to Garry's mod, you've made the first mistake by playing without getting the textures first. Sure, you might find one or two maps that look all nice and perfect. But 98% of maps and content will require a texture pack that clearly, you don't have. In this tutorial I will share with you how myself and most people have got the textures for FREE. Custom content Already got the texture packs but still getting errors? You've got a nasty case of missing custom content. Unfortunately I cannot give a universal fix that will help in all cases as...well, I can't exactly list every single custom content pack can I? However, I can tell you that all it takes is a bit of common sense to find that sneaky custom content that didn't download automatically when you joined a game. Your best bet for locating custom content that you didn't receive automatically is to find the server's forum page (just like this one! :D), you will almost always find threads and even official guides from staff that will get you the custom content. So get out there and get looking! Where the hell are these texture packs then? So, you're definitely sure that it's the missing texture packs you need. This obviously means you do not own Counter Strike: Source and/or the Half Life series. Not a problem because, you don't need 'em. I will break down each step on how to get these pesky missing textures. Caution: This will take a long time to download unless you have fast internet speeds. Ensure that steam is closed on your computer Click on the links below and click "Download through your browser" Download Counter Strike: Source Download Half Life 2: Episode 1 Download Half Life 2: Episode 2 Go to "My computer" or "This PC" Open your "Local Disk (C:) drive" Open "Program Files (x86)" Open "Steam" Open "steamapps" Open "common" Open "GarrysMod" Open "garrysmod" Open "addons" Extract the downloaded files in to "addons" Start up Gmod and watch as all the beautiful textures are present! The end result should look like this: Troubleshooting/Feedback That's everything for this guide! I hope it worked for you! Still seeing missing textures? Couldn't get through one of the steps? Please leave a comment below about your issue with as much information as possible and I will reply with a fix or personally contact you to try and fix the issues you may be experiencing. Did this guide work for you? Then please leave a comment below to say that this helped, this shows me that making this was beneficial and not a complete waste of time.
  12. As the TTT server seems to be getting more and more popular, I've seen a few players complain about ERROR signs and this is easily fixable by downloading the content pack @Nomad made. What does the Content Pack Contain? All the VIP Playermodels, the Weapon Pack that we use and the custom Traitor Weapons. To Download: Step 1) Click on THIS Step 2) Click the button that says "Subscribe to all" Step 3) Wait for them all to download then restart Garry's Mod Once that is done, simply join the TTT server and all should be fixed. A Special Thanks to Nomad for making this content pack.
  13. Hi, I just send roast 10GBP to upgrade my account from golden vip to ultimate vip. You sayd that i must do that and that you can help me with upgrading it becouse i have that bugg. So as you can upgrade me to the next rank im happy! Bye TheGoldenWhale The prove that i payed My first time and my second time
  14. Bought diamond VIP several months ago for about £15. Now I have no access to the tools such as precision and no access to any VIP jobs.... Please respond steam name El barto
  15. Hi, im a gold vip but i dont have the extra inventoryslots or the extra bank slots? so can a admin or something help me with this??? Greetz, Joep (Tha Golden Whale NL) (The Golden Whale NL)
  16. Missing M9K weapon sounds? Subscribe to this!: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231961544 Welcome to The Guide to CloudGaming! Here you will be able to find all the links to support and guide sections! Feel free to stick around and discover our forums. If you are still having trouble, You can contact an ingame admin using @ infront of your chat message. You can access this page again using the !help command ingame. Welcome to the CloudGaming FAQ! Here you will see our most asked questions answered! Q: Do i need to advertise "Raid"? A: You don't need to advertise any criminal activities except for kidnapping. Q: I have a problem but there aren't any administrators responding/on duty! A: Don't worry, our staff is very busy at some times and can't always respond instantly. Just wait a few minutes and retry calling a staff member. If you still aren't getting a response and the matter is serious enough you can report it on our forums. Create an account and make a "Ban Request" here. Q: How do i cook meth? A: You can find a full guide on this on the "Making Money" guide. Q: I want to be a job but it says i'm in the wrong group! A: Some of our jobs require you to donate to the server. You can donate by clicking here. Q: How can i donate and what will i get for it? A: Like mentioned above, you can look at the benifites of donating and donate by clicking here. Q: Help! I'm getting an error while looking at a forum page! A: Most of our forum content requires you to create an account. Otherwise you will receive an error when trying to look at some of our threads. Q: I got banned! How can i fix this? A: Create an account on our forums and make a thread in the subforum "Ban Appeals". Make sure to use the template that can be found in the subforum!
  17. McStevens

    Custom Job

    Hey, I bought the custom job "Assassin" from Kittie. He and Floww told me that i would get the job by next restart and the server has restarted and all but i still cant see the job in my F4 Job list, anyone know where i turn to fix this?
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