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Found 3 results

  1. A lot of people complaining recently about the fact that when they buy the tokens, they don't receive them. Fear not, you've not been scammed by our benevolent ruler, there's simply another step that people haven't seen. This guide will show you how to pay your way into victory, saving lives and quite possibly ending them too in the process! Step 1: Firstly, make sure all the fields are filled in correctly! This means make sure the steamid you put in is yours, or someone else might get your hard bought tokens, and we wouldn't want that, now would we! unless you want to give them to me, STEAM_0:1:81136513 :^) Step 2: Now that you've given roast your hard earned money, the next step is the one that people seem to not know. What you do is go ingame, open your chat, and type !store. (For the less literate of you, there's a very confused lady who may be able to help if you press E on her) Step 3: Now that you're in the shiny new donation store, you'll want to navigate to the exchange button, found here: Once on this lovely screen, you'll want to press this big imposing looking button here: Once you've pressed this button, you'll want to press the even shinier, but smaller button on the right side of the popup: Once you've done this, providing you've not made some silly mistake somewhere along the line, you should receive your shiny new tokens, ready to buy whatever you want, be it a shiny new rank, some instrument of murder, or even some new fashion options! Give me tokens please my family will die without them STEAM_0:1:81136513
  2. So I am trying to buy tokens. I have no PayPal. Do you take apple gift cards?
  3. Hello I donated to get 100 Tokens to buy a VIP rank in the store , but i tried to claim the tokens , nothing happen !! as you can see in the store page that i donated for 100 and when trying in the game to exchange and claim them , nothing happens . i tried to reconnect but non of that help . I only have 5 Tokens . Please help me and thank you
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