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Found 1 result

  1. Leevi

    Leevi's CandyStore

    ───────────────── ▏Welcome To my Candy Store▕ IG Name: Leevi Payment methods: PayPal Only Other comments: Nig gang Discord: Hunajan kerääjä#0001 Underground Predator Weapons: m9k_damascus Sweps: Camo Swep, disguise kit Abilities: 100 armour, Ability to do carry out hits, Can be hired as a guard, Ability to build on the street Price: N/A Payment method(s): PayPal only Freaky Frank Owner: @Аlex Co-Owners: @[email protected]@OscarGamez ✔️Verified✔️ Weapons: Dragunov SVD, Ithaca M37, Winchester 97, Crowbar, Milkor Sweps: Unarrest Baton, Hack Phone, 100 Armor Abilities: Can raid PD, Can build on streets, Can grow weed, Can base and raid with anyone, Can raid bank, Can act as a hobo, Can buy "Special arms dealer" equipment Price: £100 Payment method(s): PayPal only Chief Inspector Features: 175 Armor, £200 salary, PD keys Sweps: Camo swep, Bhop swep, Climb swep, Magic sword, Police shield, Disguise kit, Stunstick, Weapon checker, Arrest/unarrest stick Battering ram Weapon: G36, AWP, Ithaca M37 Price: £50 Payment method(s): PayPal only
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