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How to install missing textures!

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Here is how to fix the missing textures on Cloud Gaming!

1) First you need to install the following links into the same area.

2) Locate Garry's Mod in your steam folder, then open garrysmod and then addons.


Within Addons you will see all of your mods that you have installed!

3) Next, drag all of these files that you have installed into the addons folder and you should be good to go!


4) Now once the files are in the addons folder, right click on each one and click extract all, and then just click next!

Thanks you for reading this simple guide, if you have any problems with this or need anything explaining more, leave a reply! 

Have a great day! ;)

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5 hours ago, ShelbyT said:

Instructions not detailed enough, made dog pregnant

Very sorry to here about this, don't worry I only get dogs pregnant not cats. ;)

20 hours ago, shax said:

There are multiple guides on how to do this already.

Yeah, I just thought that I may as well make one..

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