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Since I started my new journey of becoming a mod, Ice Cube has been really helpful.

He is always nice towards me and always helps me out in sticky situations.


I do believe that a guy like Ice Cube should be ADMIN+ 


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23 minutes ago, Ice Cube said:

I appreciate the kind words! I do my best around here! It's a lot of work to mentor, event staff, be active on both forums and in-game as well as holding a professional level of staffing at the same time. Thank you for the recommendation!

You're a good mentor as when a mod you were mentoring TP'd to me. You pm'ed me saying be nice to him. Definitly knows the community well! 

Also, is in was in FBI and doesn't hack so that's a good one as well.

Also, owns boney.

Also, left FBI .

All of these = +Support

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