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Ways to 'detain' someone who has an illegal weapon.

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Hello! As am sure you guys are aware there has been an update on the rules which as CPs require you to give at least 5 seconds until you can 'kos' an individual who has a weapon out. Not in all fairness just 'kosing' doesn't really do anything but ruins a potential for some form or roleplay, however, you still can arrest the suspect if they have a weapon out (this must be against the law before you could make an arrest). Therefore, I understand for some this seem annoying because they love eating a jammy dodger sitting on a roof kosing anyone who pulls a weapon out but does not fear because there are a few ways that could help you with this issue.

Now I understand there is the 5-second rule but I'll be sharing ways which could add some potential RP. Therefore, I will not be covering what to do with the 5-second rule as I believe it's common sense. However, for these examples weapons MUST be against the law.

If you are RPing as S.W.A.T Sniper you are still able to camp on a roof (that's what a sniper does no?), therefore, you can keep your sights on the suspect who has a weapon and use team chat (the U key) and give out the suspects current location. During this, it is advised you keep your sights on them in case they open fire on a citizen or attempts to mug a person (this would be fairly hard to tell so it isn't really recommended that you KOS for this).

One other way you could interact with a suspect who is holding an illegal weapon out is using your mic/chat to tell them to 'drop the weapon' (i.e. put it away), and face away from you. Then you will be able to either arrest them or conduct a search for any more illegal weaponry. However, for this, it is advised that you use your mic because you won't be distracted while typing. Or you could have back up when doing this, so if they do try anything the other officer will have your back.

I know these two are unpopular and there are many other ways to deal with a suspect who has an illegal weapon but I believe these two would be the most common on a DarkRp server due to the recent rules update. I understand you could just KOS after 5-seconds but this is a way to add a bit more RP.

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