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Moonshine Guide

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Hello. I would like to share my wisdom on how you can make moonshine more conveniently

People may already know this but if someone doesn't then this guide is for them.


Step 1.


Select the job "moonshine brewer" (Unless you got a custom job that can brew)


Step 2. Go into the builder section on props and select solid steel tab


Step 3. Select the prop called box_beam_4


Step 4. Angle the prop into the moonshine brewer.


Step 5. Put the dank juice and alcohol into the tube/prop








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OoO    8
10 hours ago, Agent said:

+ Use moonshine as a secondary thing while you do something else, such as printing or defending or making meth. or just use moonshine as a quick 10k for ammo like i do

Agent can't afford ammo SMH.

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1 hour ago, Dash said:

Well... I want you to know that you are jealeous because when i kms i dont lose money, and also you are right.

Easier way to not lose money when killing yourself and not being poor is just do it irl

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