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IG Name: Leevi

Payment methods: PayPal Only

Other comments: Discord: Hunajan Kerääjä#1098


Freaky Frank





Zombie player model



Satan revolver


unarrest baton


Can raid PD, Can build on streets, Can kidnap, Can base with anyone, has 100 armor, ability to raid bank

Looking to add:

Looking to add ability to spawn weed, ability to mug, ability to carry out hits, unarrest baton and disguise kit

Slot: Not selling anymore

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7 hours ago, natsirt said:

Oh yh I get that XD but would like to point out that if u own the job soem1 else paying fee is them paying 25£ to roast. The fee can still apply. It would just be much more

so youre telling me, hes selling slots for 30 pounds + the 25 pound slot creation fee? bit expensive

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