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Best admin Ve l OBC

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20 hours ago, Citizen said:

Nah I don't agree... 


I reccomend a promotion 😏

I actually got scared :DDDD @Citizen

8 hours ago, Axerfen said:

i mean she kept on chasing me demanding that I take half of her pumpkin earnings (1.25k) when we split it 1/1 and I died


but in all honesty ve is great admin yes yes

Well, I still feel bad for not giving you the 1250 and you running away :( @Axerfen

8 hours ago, Ice Cube said:

This admin has attempted to turn me into a furry. It's a scary experience. Luckily, i still resist. Too much OwO and UwU.

Ve is doing a good job. Saw potential in her during our moderator mentoring. Happy to see that she's progressed in the way she has. Keep up the good work.

STOP BEING SO DAMN PROFESSIONAL XDD (jk please dont stop, keep both of your sides) @Ice Cube @Ice Cube @Ice Cube

8 hours ago, squidward said:

To be fair, quite a strange person which isn't bad. Good admin, actually gets stuff done

I can be normal but that wont be the way I wanna be. I feel like I can actually feel and be myself in this server and not act. I've said in my application post that i have different sides which vary from weird to professional to random to just normal andddd to OwO again etc..

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12 hours ago, Riph said:

Ve was an extremely promising mod, and an even better admin. Proved her worth and continues to do so. Deserving of the credit and personally I hope she'll stay with us for a while.

Well done!

All of the comments actually mean so much :((((( I cantttttttttt 

11 hours ago, Avionix said:

can you confirm these claims

Well, Im not really interested in the offer, but he does seem like the kinda guy to do that :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


(jk, dont demote me)

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