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Ve | OBC is very good admin and player in general

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3 hours ago, Axerfen said:

is like a really good admin yes yes, she even shared the food she was eating with me and @Kirufureimu but all that aside Ve is a really great admin and is very competent and good at her job.


she is also good at singing 👍

Thank you so much :33333333

3 hours ago, Kirufureimu said:

Yes the food she gave was very nice. it was perfect mix between all the food groups. as well as being healthy

Lollipops are very healthy

3 hours ago, CallMeTom said:

Yes yes ve very good admin

Awwwww :3333333awfbhagkjfauygbfa

2 hours ago, Courier said:

is doing a very good job as an admin. Everytime I am she is always OD :D 

ve for SA ve for SA

anfjkahfbahfvbajfbjabfabjfba THIS IS TOO MUCH


2 hours ago, Azarav said:

shes being really nice to me



stptoptoptpo itttttt

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