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𝓒𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓻'𝓼 𝓒𝓙 𝓢𝓽𝓸𝓻𝓮!

IG Name: Courier
Selling: Custom Job Slots.

Payment method(s) PayPal Only
Other comments: Discord: Courier#5578 / Paypal: Pm me - I have linked the original stores of the CJ's

Rebellion Slot


What will you get: 

Abilities: Build on Streets, Raid, Mug, Kidnap, Raid PD/Bank, Cook Meth, Mine Bitcoin, Grow Weed, Brew Moonshine, DJ Equipment, Hitman, 100 armour, armour charger.

Weapons: M9k_dbarrel, M9k_Famas, M9k_svu, M9k_ithacam37, weapon_crossbow (HL2 Crossbow), M9k_Usas, M9k_Tar21, weapon_fists, M9k_Sl8.

Sweps: weapon_hack_phone, climb_swep2, weapon_camo, med_kit, pro_lockpick_update, 3d2dcracker_weapon, bhop_swep, weapon_ligthsaber (Magic Sword), weapon_policeshield, unarrest_stick, diguisekit, opbugbait. 

💰 - SOLD

Steven Slot


What will you get:

Abilities: DJ Equipment, Hitman, Brew moonshine, Grow Weed, Raid PD/Bank, Build on streets.

Weapons: M9k_ares_shrike, M9k_ithacam, M9k_svi, M9k_dbarrel, M9k_Jackhammer, M9k_ak74, M9k_sl8, m9k_ied_detonator, M9k_1897winchester, csgo_daggers, M9k_matador, M9k_famas, M9k_Mp5sd, M9k_Barret_m82

Sweps: weapon_lightsaber (Magic Sword), climb_swep2, bhop_swep, weapon_hack_phone, weapon_camo, weapon_medkit, unarrest_Stick, wp_hammer, weapon_policeshield, pro_lockpick_update.

💰 - £40 

✔ Boney Slot ✔ 


What will you get:

Abilities: Raid PD/BANK, Cook Meth, Grow weed, Mug, Build on streets, 100 armour.

Weapons: M9k_scar. M9k_dbarrel, M9k_ithacam37, M9k_jackhammer, M9k_M3, M9k_Matador, M9k_mp5sd, M9k_barret_m82, M9k_sl8, M9k_M60.

Sweps: weapon_camo, climb_swep2, weapon_hack_phone, diguisekit, bhop_swep, unarrest_Stick

💰 - £30 

✔ Exile Slot ✔ 


What will you get:

Abilities: DJ Equipment, Mug, Raid PD/BANK, Grow weed, Sell Weapons, Cook Meth, 100 armour

Weapons: M9k_Usas, M9k_Remington_870, M9k_Scar, M9k_SVU, M9k_Mp5SD, M9k_Deagle, M9k_Ithacam37, M9k_M60, M9k_AMD_65, M9k_Bar, M9k_sl8, M9k_Barret_M82, M9k_Winchester87, M9k_Glock, M9k_Famas

Sweps: weapon_camo, Climb_swep2, weapon_hack_phone, unarrest_stick, disguisekit, pro_lockpick_update, 3d2d_weapon_cracker, weapon_medkit, Bhop_swep.


💰 - £40 


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