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Welsh council estate


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18 hours ago, Courier said:

Boner changelog


-Replacing HL2 shotgun due to slot owners feedback to the Usas

-Replacing scoped taurus cause of how horrendious it is to Damascus sword




 And now. Boner is now known as Boney again.

Slightly upped the brightness of the colour but none the less boney is back sorta.

Active next restart

Thank fuck, decent again

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Private Military is now £55. PM me if you are interested.


Also reduced slot price to £30 until the end of the month.

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 Replaced M82 for Scar - Replaced AK74 for M14 - Replaced Remington870 for P90.


Also not selling full ownership anymore due to Neko and Radec changed their minds about selling. I am still selling my part if anyone is interested.

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  • clem changed the title to Welsh council estate

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