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Looking to buy/trade

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Hello and happy holidays!

I am creating this topic because I would like to trade my Rebellion for another CJ. I would prefer baldy or maybe boney. I am willing to give my rebellion and a difference like 5-10 GPBs, depending on the CJ that I am offered and its price.

Now, I would like to mention that I don't really know how this trading works so I would appreciate if anyone is willing to explain me what should I do, I mean what is the fee that I usually see in trading posts, how much is it; if I have to buy a CJ slot after I buy the CJ from its owner and when do I have to fill the form given by Roast for trading? also, I give my PayPal details in PM? 

Thank you very much for reading and to whoever is willing to explain me how this is working.


(I hope I don't seem to be too dumb but tbh I really don't understand how it work and I don't want to mess up)

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Basically, if you buy a slot from someone. They do the form. If stated they will cover the cost. I’ll split it into two sections.

Buying from owner: If you buy a slot from an owner of a custom job, the fee will be included and they will handle the forms. 
Buying from a slot owner: If you buy from a slot owner, you are not giving money to the owner and just buying a pre-owned slot. Thus the £25 fee is not needed. Instead there is a £5 transfer fee. When buying/selling it should include if the transfer payment or more known as “fee” should be stated. So, for instance, if Spizor was selling Boney (The best custom job) for £35 excluding fee. It would be £40 in total which you would be paying. Obviously you wouldn’t buy from Spizor as he’s selling it for money than £35 which is what I sell Boney for. 

If you’d like to talk buying Boney feel free to message me or @Zabiehunter.

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