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Rica / Slim_Stumpy Forum account loss

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So, i have the acount of Rica/Slim_stumpy linked to my steam acount but for some reason that steam has now de linked it or something? and i cant log into my account of Rica/Slim_Stumpy it had the rank of Mod, Steam ID in game is STEAM_0:0:24317764 (TBL Rica) and idk what to do, i was told to ask here. @Riph @15inb

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4 minutes ago, Noseian said:

I'd try using the forget password and entering email address that you use. To see if you can find if any email is linked to that account.

I loged into it via Steam log in, that has now seemingly desynced and i cant re link it in anyway, not that i know of, and i never linked it to an email cuz i thought it wouldnt desynce from my steam log in

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