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One of the most best staff (2 in this case)

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Main and Taurus are probably the funniest and the most chill admins.
They have made me laugh, not even once.
They are very good admins and I definitely and with confidence say that they are once of the best staff in the server.
Of course with hnood, Chr1ssy and a few other people but hey this is about Main and Taurus, not the others. 

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10 minutes ago, Noseian said:

Well you’ve definitely not won the award for “Most best grammar”. Sorry didn’t mean that harshly. 

but aye Tarus is alright 

Yeah I get you, It didn't make sense when I read it again but too lazy to edit


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I appreciate your recommendation.

About the demotion : I made it clear to a few higher ups that I don't give a damn anymore, so it is what it is.

(btw why do I still have the DarkRP admin role still?)

On 2/25/2020 at 8:40 PM, Noseian said:

It’s not your area to ask that. 

Neither is it your area to decide whether he gets the reason of my demotion or not. How about you stay outta this case, lad?

We will meet again very soon hopefully, @TeaParty

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