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Annual Boney Giveaway

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-- Annual Boney Custom Job belated Christmas Giveaway©--

One Boney Custom Job slot is being given away by @Chriss AKA Noseian - Terms and Conditions Apply


Terms and Conditions

1. To qualify for entry into the amazing Boney Custom Job Christmas Giveaway© a 2 Million donation is required per ticket, If you do not have available in-game funds, a donation of £3 will enter you for 4 tickets.  - This is to increase the server's role-play and make more people actually spend time basing. Due to economy expanding over the past year, the ticket price has been increased. 

2. A maximum of 8 Tickets can be bought.

3. You must message @Chriss on the Forums with the below form - This is to verify your entry:

Forum Name:

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Tickets Bought:

4. Winner will be chosen on the 8th January 2021! 

5. If you already have a Boney Custom Job slot and would still like to enter, unfortunately we cannot give you two Boney Slots, thus we offer a £15 Voucher to spend on the Upgrade of Boney - You will be able to choose any weapon/swep/etc. 

6. Donations will be took anytime from now until the closing date. 

7. A minimum of 40 tickets must be sold.

To view the entries and your chance of winning please visit the following link.

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3 hours ago, Blanice said:

haha imagine if byreaper wins it somehow that would be crazy haha wouldnt it 🙂

That would be totally awesome :) 

Would mean I don't have to give him any job as he already has one as I gave him one for free as he's my charity case. 

18 minutes ago, Immersel said:

i think this is very nice and cool thank you chris aka noseian aka a random asian aka nonce for giving back to the community with this cool custom job on the server :)

Thank you Immersel!!!!! 


Also realised my forum inbox was full! Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please message again if you want to buy tickets.

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