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The Elusive Mining Pete


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6 hours ago, DC  said:

Yesterday, after my usual stint of inactivity, I came back to Cloud Gaming DarkRP to check out any new things that may be floating about - I see the mining system has had a complete overhaul (which looks great may I add) but I also notice there are new craftable things, most notably, Mr Mining Pete. His absurd pricing compared to the others caught my eye and I knew at that moment I would return to CG to claim my beloved from those treacherous mines. I am making this guide as to inform any fellow miners who dare to embark on this quest with me, how much time it shall take to acquire this glorious beast of a man.

I have done some testing - I do have Level 10 mining and I mined as efficiently as I could (at this point there were only 3 miners including myself). I did 3 runs to time myself to get 100 bronze. I am calculating the time needed in terms of bronze due to it being the limiting factor of the ores, all the other ores have drop rates within proportion, as such once you reach 100,000 bronze as required you will have the required amount for the others aswell.

Each of the 3 runs took just under 10 minutes to mine the 100 bronze. To keep this as a conservative estimate I will call this 10 minutes to get 100 bronze. This will equate to 10,000 minutes of constantly efficient mining: This is just under a week (6.944 days).

Then, I acquired the mining skill to upgrade my rates of getting ores. As expected with the probability of double ores, this did cut my time by 1/3rd taking me 6.66mins to get the 100 bronze. Unfortunately, I did only test this one twice due to a pesky mutant but both times came out the same. This would then equate to 6666.66mins or 4.63 days of straight efficient mining.

I hope they inspire the strong to join me and discourage the weak from ever attempting this mammoth task.

Good luck soldiers - we will unlock the secrets of the elusive Mining Pete. Even if these numbers only prove how stupid I am.

hi dc

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