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I'm a returning player and i lost some permanent weapons

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Hello, I am a returning player and I have lost some permanent weapons before the token store was added. The weapons that I lost were a pkm, a spas and an mp5sd. 

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1402553716 ico_external_link.gif 
This is a screenshot for the spas.

I also bought a Custom job package that I never used and I would like it to be converted into tokens.

Moreover I payed 35 pounds to have my bar switched to a pkm. I have attached both the transaction and the discussion between me and roast bellow.Forum_screenshot.png.74509c892762014a9cd8162531bc2a0a.png1205342149_PayPal_TransactionDetailsPKM.thumb.png.b1da8ddbdbe2bd988416c17536ec32af.png


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Then attachments don’t work as we cannot view them.


Id also remove the attachments as these are personal details 


Your best bet would to to message Roast on the forums as he’s the only one who can facilitate this.

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