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❤️ Brute CJ ❤️

If you're interested contact Shook or Gavin via Discord or Forums.

Shook - Olly#7174         Gavin - Big R#4250

Payment method(s)
Paypal or Bitcoin!

We hold the right to deny sale to whoever we choose. The price may change at any given time.




Owner @Shook@GavinF
Co-Owner @Ninja
You can raid and base with anyone
You may not enforce the law

Winchester 1897, Damascus Sword, Remington 870, AK-47, PKM, M82 Barret, Ithaca, MK14 EBR (Buffed), USAS, Double Barrel and Mustang and Sally Explosive.

Bhob Swep, Climb Swep, Unarrest Batton, Hack Phone, Magic Sword, HL2 Medkit, Camo Swep, Disguise Kit, Keypad Cracker, Lockpick and Fists.

Ability to act as hobo, You can raid and base with anyone, Mug, Raid, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Ability to take Hits, 100 Armor, Ability to grow Weed,  Ability to spawn Armor Charger, Ability to act as Guard and Ability to make Moonshine.

Price = Not set, DM me!

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