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Selling rebellion cj slot

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IG Name: i know da tch waye
Selling: Rebellion
Price: 20 pounds+fees 
Payment method(s) Paypal
Other comments: 


  • Meth
  • Bitcoin
  • Weed
  • Moonshine
  • DJ Equipment
  • Hitman (job can take hits)
  • 100 Armor
  • Armor charger
  • Raid bank/PD


  • Camo swep
  • BHop Swep
  • Climb Swep 2
  • Bugbait
  • Medkit
  • Magic Sword
  • Unarrest Baton
  • Police Shield
  • Hack Phone
  • Pro Lockpick
  • Keypad cracker
  • Disguise kit
  • Fists


  • Double barrel shotty
  • USAS
  • Ithaca M37
  • SVU
  • Cross bow
  • Famas
  • Tar21
  • SL8

          You may base and raid with anyone.
          You may build on the streets.
          You are allowed to mug for a maximum of £10000.
          You are allowed to kidnap anyone.

          You are allowed to raid PD.

You can reach out to me on discord: Madara Uchiha#1224

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