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Flip's "Trafika"


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I've decided to limit the number of slots that I will create for Addicted Header, so each slot becomes more valuable.

Which means, that the next 7 slots will be for original price of £40 and after these slots have been sold, the price will get increased. After the price gets increased, there will once again be only a limited number of slots available before they're all bought up.

I think this should bring somewhat of a value to Addicted Header slots (also make it somewhat rare) + from the money I get the job will get upgraded

i definitely did not make this decision because the sales been low hehe

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Store updated:

- Updated some CJ’s information (weapons, sweps & abilities)

- Changed Addicted Header plans just a bit

- Changed Freaky Frank price to £65 (basically not for sale)

Buy my Marine and Addicted Header slots yes :) 

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