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2 Armed Police slots for sale

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Hi all, as the title says, I am selling 2 Armed Police slots. Like last time these will be the last 2 slots certainly for a while, but possibly ever.
Armed Police as many of you know is CP Custom Job with some custom content, most notoriously toll gates, that I like to think stands out from the rest.
It is also a very sought after job which is why the below price is as high as it is. On top of the interest it has received, I also have more exclusive content planned which the money from these sales will go towards which is another reason it'll cost the below amount.
Whilst the job is ever changing with ideas/input from each of the slot owners, Armed Police currently has;


(Credit to @Flip for the above info)

The price for one slot of the job will be £300 PAYPAL ONLY

Should this offer receive interest from more people than slots, then the 2 people who are willing to pay the highest above the £300 will receive a slot each. If such a thing should occur, then I will add a new end date in the comments, but for now I will be selling these slots on 08/07/22 (bonus points for you if you know why ;D) so long as there's interest of course!

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