Cloud Gaming DarkRP

The rules are made to improve players experiences. Use common sense and do not try to loop hole these rules.
Staff have the final say in the matter even if it is not stated in the rules. If you have an issue with a staff member report them on the forums.

- The Community Team

Player Conduct

1.1 Problems Do not cause problems within the community. For example: disrespecting people to the point where its immoral, disrupting admin situations and so on.
1.2 Chat English only and no links in OOC/Advert (unless its a Cloud Gaming link). Advertising is not allowed under any circumstances.
1.3 Punishment Avoiding punishment in any means is forbidden.
1.4 Scamming You shall not attempt to or actually scam a person out of their money in any way possible.
1.5 Currency The act of selling any form of in-game currency for real life money is not allowed and warrants your RP cash to be reset.
1.6 Spamming You must not use the microphone or chat to spam unintelligible noises or annoying sounds / words. When using advert you must wait at least 2 minutes before sending out the same message again.


2.1 Random Death Match(RDM) Harming/killing another player must carry a reasonable ‘role-play reason’.
2.2 New Life Rule(NLR) Forget about your previous life and do not return to your area of death for at least 3 minutes.
2.3 Meta Gaming The use of information gained in an out-of-character is not allowed.
2.4 Fail RP To an extent, you must play in a realistic manner and roleplay with others. When KOSing someone you must give them atleast 5 seconds.
2.5 Props Props surfing, climbing, blocking and general minging is not allowed. Do not spawn/move props in other players bases or during raids.
2.6 Explosives When using explosives you are held responsible for every player you kill.
2.7 Cool Down After a Mugging/Raiding/Kidnapping/Carjack attempt, you must wait 5 minutes before you perform the same action on the same player/property.
2.8 Adverts Adverts are not to be used to contact another player specifically. They should be used for RP reasons such as businesses.
2.9 FearRP You must value and fear for your life. If you are being mugged by 3 people and you are alone, you must abide with what they say.
2.10 Job Abuse Do not change jobs to gain an advantage e.g. armor, ammo, etc.
2.11 Checkpoints Checkpoints can be created by two or more CP's with a valid RP reason such as searching people.


3.1 Layout Traps, puzzles, mazes (3 turns or more) and confusing colours are not allowed. Ramp/stair/steps/headglitch defenses are not allowed. You may not no-collide props.
3.1.B Tunnels/hallways Tunnel/hallway bases are not allowed. This is where you have a very long/multiple hallways that force people to run through to enter the base.
3.2 Entrances Jump/crouch/underground entrances are not allowed. Entrances must fit two people side by side and infront/behind (apart from the door of the property). Entrances must not be hacker proof.
3.3 Visibility The raider must be able to see you clearly and shoot back. No one way shooting. No glow/world glow. All props/buttons/keypads/cameras/etc must be easily visible. You may not build with props that make it hard to see around or hurt your eyes.
3.4 Fading Doors The max fading doors linked to keypads/entrances per base is 3. You may not use your keybinds to open your fading doors. Delay must be 0 on entrances.
3.5 Property You must only have one property per base (unless at industrial with 4 or more people - do not build around gazza). You can only build within your property unless you are a Hobo. You must claim all doors.
3.6 Textscreens Building text screens are allowed (do not have entities while building). KOS signs are allowed but MUST be on the property.
3.7 Size Bases must be a reasonable size and cover only one property. Staff will deem what is reasonable if you cannot.
3.8 Defending You must be added to the door to defend the property or have a gang sign clearly visible. You can KOS people only if you have a textscreen.
3.9 Shooting Windows Shooting windows must be atleast the size of FurnitureShelf001b. There is no limit to shooting windows.


4.1 Minge Raid Raiding a base which clearly has nothing inside is not allowed.
4.2 PD Only terrorists and custom jobs with PD raiding ability can raid the PD.
4.3 Camping After raiding a base you must leave within 10 minutes.
4.4 Checkpoints Checkpoints can be raided to dismantle their purpose or for a valid RP reason. Minge raid rule applies to checkpoints.
4.5 Building You can not build during a raid.


All jobs have whether they can raid, mug or kidnap in their description.

  • Laws must be reasonable and not break any rules.
  • You do not partake in raids or dangerous activities.
  • You can authorise civil protection to build check points.
Civil Protection
  • You must arrest people rather then killing them.
  • You must give 10 seconds of warning before arresting/killing someone unless they pull out a weapon/are shooting people/are wanted etc.
  • You must follow the law.
  • You must follow the Mayors orders.
  • You cannot raid without a warrant.
  • You can create checkpoints for valid RP reasons. You can NOT use fading doors. You can use tolls.
  • Tolls can only be used at valid checkpoints and nowhere else.
  • Checkpoints can not be connected to any of the paths from the main spawn.
  • Checkpoints can not contain more than 1 toll.
  • You must have a valid reason to arrest/warrant/want someone (e.g. see printer sparks, or see them commit a crime).
  • You cannot raid with other criminals.
Gangster/Mob Boss
  • You cannot mug solo, you must be in a group with other gangsters (2 or more).
  • You may mug for a maximum of £10000.
  • You may only raid the PD to break someone out with a mob boss.
Secret Service
  • Do not partake in civil protection activities.
  • Your only duty is to keep the Mayor safe.
  • All operations must be planned in the agenda.
  • All operations must be carried out with a group of at least 2.
  • Don't walk around with tvs/radios.
  • Don't be annoying.
  • You can only raid with your employer.
Underground Mutant
  • You are KOS to everyone.
  • You KOS anyone who enters the underground.
  • You cannot KOS people above ground.
  • You can only use melee weapons.
  • You may kill other mutants (only underground).
  • You may not spawn trap mutants.
  • You may base on the street but you may only have 1 fading door.
  • You are allowed to print.
  • Your property may not be excessively big, a member of staff will deem when it is too big.
  • You can be hired to base.
  • You cannot help defend the base.
  • You cannot possess/use any weapon.