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xtrocas trading hall


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Owner: @Fyzar 

Job is not verified

Weapons: M9K_Damascus (Damascus Sword)
Sweps: None

Abilities: None

Entities: None

Slot: 26GBP

Ownership 45GBP


Owner: Roast

This job is verified

Weapons: Model 627, Double Barrel, USAS, Barrett M82, Scar, CSS Galil, Crossbow, Winchester 1897, Ithaca, Luger, CSS MP5.

Sweps: Climb Swep, BHOP swep, Fists, Armor Charger, Magic sword, HL2 Medkit, Unarrest baton, Keypad Cracker, Hackphone, Lockpick, Disguise.

Abilities: Mug, Raid bank, Kidnap, Hits.

Entities Meth, Weed, Moonshine, DJ Equipment.

Slot: NFS

Chief Inspector

Owner: Roast

This job is verified

Weapons: Ithaca M37, AS Val, AW50, Scar

Sweps: Camo, Climb SWEP, Bhop Swep, Police Shield, a Disguise kit, Stunstick, Arrest/unarrest baton, Weapon checker, Battering ram, Magic Sword

Abilities: 125 Armor, SWAT Tree, CP

Slot 20GBP


If you have any questions, reply to the thread

If you are interested in buying pm me on discord: xtroca

no igm


Edited by Fyzar
removed tagilla as i no longer own it, changed price of CI
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