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  2. Goober Store a subsidiary of Boner Store. I am also selling these job slots for job credits! (All Prices are including fee.) 3x Rebellion Slots. 25 Job Credits each. 1x Brute Slot. 40 Job Credits. 1x Shade Slot (Stripped CJ). 10 Job Credits. 1x Polizei Slot. Taking offers on it. (I am willing to sensibly haggle with people on some of these prices.)
  3. Yesterday
  4. There was a guy earlier looking to buy reb for 40 mil negotionable Like julioblund was his name
  5. Selling Shade Slot (Stripped) -IGM *Inc Fee. Selling Stella Slot (Can Raid And Mug) Scar. -IGM *Inc Fee. Give Offers
  6. Last week
  7. Selling Polezi For IGM
  8. 12.02.2023 Brute Update: Added: LSAT Removed: CSS AUG
  9. Boner __________Owned by: @Cold_Beanz _____________________ Weapons: Ak Vulcan, Damascus Sword Sweps: N/A Abilities: N/A Unverified at the moment Price: Β£30 Anything higher = Donations to update the job I accept PayPal, UK Bank Transfer and Job Credits as payment! I am also buying Job Credits for IGM. Where to contact me if interested or have any questions: In game name: Cold_Beanz Discord: cold_beanz
  10. Thank you so much guys, People like you makes me become the person i am 🀌🏽
  11. do -console in your launch option and unbind it
  12. Ghost is 65Β£ from now until the end of this week. 03/12/2023
  13. Looking to buy a CP CJ, looking for recommendations and links to stores. Ta.
  14. Heya. Thanks for the question. Unfortunately. The only thing you could do is resetting keymapping. To do this "Go to your keyboard controls and reset your key mappings to default." If you cant figure it out dont hesitate to hit me up!
  15. I Accidentally Binded My ~ key Do You Know How To Unbind It
  16. what did i do to you 😞
  17. despite my pure HATRED for Mango Man I still hope you succeed in the CJ market. god bless
  18. really good job one day it will be top job ever Best of luck my friendπŸ‘
  19. Good luck with the job mate πŸ™πŸ‘
  20. billy corgan owner @efrain/mango man -------> weapons/sweps honey badger b23r MK14 EBR 100 armor bhop swep climb swep hack phone weed Medkit not verified yet (will be in the near future) payment methods job credits (i do not have a paypal yet) if you are interested send me a message on discord! or forums discord is mangomoris (all money made goes towards the cj) also selling the one and only droppable maxwell expecting actually high offers! (igm)
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