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  3. Update: Custom Job is now Soldier.
  4. Last week
  5. Updated Listings Crusader is still up for sale if anyone wants to buy a slot or buy ownership. Only selling slots to selected people. Discord is 'Immersel#7873'
  6. for me this bug happens if i come back from afk and it has 1 min left and i move the the timer resets and i don't get the token
  7. This is a bug and i myself don’t know the solution to this. It is a bug that has been in the server for quite a long time now.
  8. So this has been going on for 2 days now. When the token timer or whatever its called hits 0 and where im supposed to get my tokens i just dont get them. and im kinda confused on what i need to do or if its a bug or smthn. so if any of you could help i would be happy.
  9. roast

    Custom job updates

    Custom job updates complete 11/07/2020 sorry for the delay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x2
  10. nice store, kinda hard to get , kinda hard to get soldier 110M amea. good luck
  11. -SOLD Blaze -SOLD Chief Inspector
  12. Added mug, and build on street. Active next cj restart pog!
  13. So is there no way for me to get my tokens back?
  14. You have to wait for the crate to open before closing it, it's a known bug and hopefully there's a fix in the future
  15. Yo so I have been saving up my tokens for a while to buy a weapons crate for 50 tokens, and when i bought the crate from the store nothing happened, i closed the page and went to see what gun i got, and nothing was there. I was advised by Kiru to restart my game and check again. I did that and when i came back i still found nothing but when i did /store and went to inventory, the crate was there but i couldn't sell or open it, Please help i do not know what else to do thanks Proof - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xZM-im2IIFHgyw31AGCbeC8riBUVBIniyLDxBi96dqU/edit?usp=sharing
  16. MadMan

    Sell me yes?

    I can sell you one. PM me discord
  17. Leevi

    Leevi's CandyStore

    Store updated added Gman
  18. LOLi

    Sell me yes?

    meh, ignore this post.
  19. updated store added blaze added CI
  20. Radon's Store Update 1) Sold Gman & Major Slot To @Kirufureimu 2) Added Blaze Slot
  21. Blaze price updated to 25£ (u pay fee) And ci updated to 13£ (u pay fee)
  22. Banjo

    Emperor Store

    Updated Looking for CoOwner(s)
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