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  3. @Ve l The Cat is doing a very good job as an admin. Everytime I am she is always OD ve for SA ve for SA
  4. Very active, it does its job very well. It helps the community a lot She knows the rules very well. very friendly. It is an honor to have you on the Staff team!
  5. Yes the food she gave was very nice. it was perfect mix between all the food groups. as well as being healthy
  6. @Ve l The Cat is like a really good admin yes yes, she even shared the food she was eating with me and @Kirufureimu but all that aside Ve is a really great admin and is very competent and good at her job. she is also good at singing 👍
  7. Its really really appreciated :333
  8. Im a moderator, however this means a lot. Thanks have an amazing day.
  9. Ve I OBC and THC williamlukz and all other admins. They are good at taking sits and they are kind to me and others i love it.
  10. Changed my mind, Ve is a SHIT staff member and I hope she gets DEMOTED ASAP.
  11. roast

    Custom Job Prices

    Added "To swap weapons on your job, you just pay the difference, minimum spend is £5 even if you are downgrading to a cheaper weapon"
  12. All of the comments actually mean so much :((((( I cantttttttttt Well, Im not really interested in the offer, but he does seem like the kinda guy to do that :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (jk, dont demote me)
  13. S1CK

    S1CK's Store

    Price update - Reduced price of Marine slot by 5 pounds - Reduced price of Baldy slot by 5 pounds
  14. @Ve l The Cat can you confirm these claims
  15. Ve was an extremely promising mod, and an even better admin. Proved her worth and continues to do so. Deserving of the credit and personally I hope she'll stay with us for a while. Well done!
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  19. :doubt: (pls dont demote me ice cube <3)
  20. OwO UwU and everything else (I made a shitpost with all of it)
  21. I actually got scared :DDDD @Citizen Well, I still feel bad for not giving you the 1250 and you running away @Axerfen STOP BEING SO DAMN PROFESSIONAL XDD (jk please dont stop, keep both of your sides) @Ice Cube @Ice Cube @Ice Cube I can be normal but that wont be the way I wanna be. I feel like I can actually feel and be myself in this server and not act. I've said in my application post that i have different sides which vary from weird to professional to random to just normal andddd to OwO again etc..
  22. roast

    Custom job updates

    Custom job updates done 11/11/2019
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