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  3. removed Ace Gun for M4A1 Iron removed MG3 for Famas removed CSS Aug for Crossbow
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  5. Store update 05.22.2024 Shinobi Update: Added: Crypto
  6. So the thing that @Gavin Searched up was ''Einsatzkommando'' Which means task force. This appears up as what gavin said but the name he is using ''Einsatzkommando Cobra'' Does not mean the same thing.
  7. what kind of stuff are you looking up?
  8. Einsatzkommando is german for task force ... The Einsatzgruppen where part of the SS and the Einsatzkommandos sub groups, but is nowadays used for a lot of special units, like "Das Mobile Einsatzkommando" or "Sondereinsatzkommando"
  9. someone pointed out your name in ooc so i looked it up and the first result is that its named after a nazi killing squad hence i made you change your name
  10. I had my name "Einsatzkommando Cobra" for about 3,5 years now. But suddenly out of no where i got teleported into a sit and the admin made me change my name. After i asked for a reason to change it i did not receive an answer. My i ask here, what is wrong with the name? The meaning of the name Einsatzkommando Cobra
  11. Store update 05.21.2024 Shinobi Update: Added: Sledge Hammer & ARX-160 Added: Tagilla Playermodel. Changes: Price increase from £125 > £150 Tagilla Update: Added: Nothing Removed: Sledge Hammer > Davy crowbar Changes: Renamed Tagilla back to Gremlin and changed playermodel back to its original playermodel + color.
  12. Sorry a bag for a slot?
  13. Shook

    Blight Store

    Blight Added to store, Everything else removed.
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  15. not much to say, just a lad
  16. Rip FF picture
  17. Whoopie Bops

    Load CG

    Great help ty
  18. FF on top p.s buy freaky frank
  19. Medo230

    FreakyFrank Store

  20. XZY

    FreakyFrank Store

    Description Verified Owned by @XZY This job is private, Anything in RED is custom /or private. Weapons: M40A3 - Ithaca M37 - CSS Desert Eagle - Crowbar - Milkor - Ak47 - Fn Fal - Ace Gun- M4A1 Iron - Scar - Kriss Vector - Contender - B23R - PKM - Famas - AS Val - Double Barrel - USAS - M1918 BAR - SR-25 - AK47 Beast Sweps: Unarrest Baton - Hackphone - weapon_medkit - Disguise kit - Grappling Hook - BHOP Swep - Climb Swep - Hammer - Keypad Cracker - Camo - Magic Sword - Lockpick - Maxwell - Davy Crowbar - Poo Gun Abilities: 100 Armor - Take Hits - Raid Bank - Mug - DJ Equipment - Crypto - Moonshine - Armor Charger - Weed - Special Arms Dealer - Gun Dealer - Kidnap
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    Store updated: - Store is now up-to-date yippe
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