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  2. Happy birthday @Ice Cube! I agree with konstans, he is really proffesional and dedicated, a great senior staff team member!
  3. He is still lazy though
  4. Happy birthday to mr @Ice Cube my Sweden friend
  5. @Ice Cube is a one of my favorite staff member and he inspired me to become a part of the staff team he deals with everything so proffesionally, he is patient, appreciator of the rules,he is also a hardworker at his job and talented aswell,he is a staff member that you should rely on,he is impartial at his choices and capable to solve a problem however difficult that is.I would like to see him being Super Admin because he really deserve that. Its his birthday today so Happy Birthday.
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  7. Hi Kirufureimu! I just want to ask if you can even give me a chance? I mean I dont want to be a big admin on the server... I just want a chance because I dont think it's fair without a chance! And I didnt saw you in game neither. Maybe when I was on the server you was offline. Ferryboat saw me playing on the server! You can ask him if you wont belive me!                               

      Respect and keep up the good work👊😉

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  10. When I see a snatch. I snatch it.
  11. i see your jewish instincts kicked in
  13. He's been banned I've also removed the downvotes
  14. My bad man I forgot how to change my name
  15. Gabriel


    Well, he can do anything. Im sure he can!
  16. yh i think btw a guy doing right now Landfield Civilgamers.com just saying
  17. Hi, I am new to the forums and I was wondering something. Is it against the rules to constantly spam down-vote people's post? Some random dudes who just made accounts just spammed my feed with down-votes for no reason. If it's within the rules that's fine, if not can someone sort it out? Thank you. Edit: One of the two removed their down-votes after I made this thread.
  18. Coolioo


    I could do that, $$$ needed and possibly your current location for shipping.
  19. WatuR


    This is exactly the question i want to be answered
  20. Can he make a giraffe girlfriend for me?
  21. I'm selling Boney. Way better than rebellion 🤑
  22. I'll buy it for 25 rn, cam#1234 on discord
  23. In my opinion, Xappan is really the best at building. He can do anything you want, from Dog Houses,Fountains,Bases,etc literally EVERYTHING .And that's just one of the many talents he has. He helps everyone that needs something. It's like word "No." for him doesn't exist. Honestly Xappan is the bigger brother you want.
  24. ༺DARKNESS༻if the offer is still up ill buy it Pm me on discord Ricashoter#9553
  25. Anyways cba to argue anymore.
  26. that's what i said in the first place? IG Name: DarkKnight Selling: rebellion custom job Price: £25 including the fee (20+5) Payment method: paypal only
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