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    Being a staff on cloud gaming the best darkrp server ever.

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  1. aza10119


    oi dc is a snake why did my postt get removed
  2. aza10119

    Selling rebellion

    price reduced to £15
  3. aza10119

    Selling rebellion

    price reduced to £20
  4. aza10119

    Selling rebellion

    IG Name: azaSelling: Rebellion Description: info in link below, if you want to buy then add me on steam Price: £15Payment method(s): PayPal Other comments: -
  5. aza10119

    Soldier slot for sale

    Slot sold to @- GaryB - please lock @proxy @TheMadMin3r
  6. aza10119

    Soldier slot for sale

    Selling Soldier Slot IG Name: aza Selling: Soldier Slot Description: This is the best custom job at the moment and It is very cheap. List of items: Custom Model, 100 Armor, Camo swep, BHop Swep, Climb Swep 2, Bugbait, Medkit, Magic Sword, Unarrest Baton, Police Shield, Hack Phone, Pro Lockpick, Keypad H4K3R, Double barrel shotgun, Spas 12, Ithaca M37, Dragunov SVD. You may build on the streets. You are allowed to mug for a maximum of £10000. You are allowed to kidnap anyone.You are allowed to raid PD. You may base and raid with anyone. You have the ability to cook meth. If you want to contact me about this job, add me on steam Thanks to @sensei for letting me use his post! Price: £30 Payment method(s) : Paypal
  7. aza10119

    The Guide To Expert Mining

    I can get away with 2 seconds using AHK
  8. aza10119

    Basic Money Making Guide

    Thanks man will be very helpful for newer players (also thanks for including me)
  9. aza10119

    Updated Printer Guide

    The old printer guide was out of date so here's a modern version of it: VIP and Gang Printers: VIP Printers: Gang Printers: User Printers: