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  1. IG Name: TBL Kermit Selling: Custom job slots Payment methods: PayPal / in game money My steam :https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050219553/ Other comments: If interested add me on steam, pm on forum or pm in game Baldy Slots —————————— What will you get? —————————— • A customized job with complete suit of money-making jobs. • Most practical and powerful weapons for basing/raiding • Unique player model/color Description Refugee002 hl2 player model Can base and raid with everyone Weapons: Ithacam37 Shotgun, Double barrel Shotgun, USAS Shotgun, SVD Dragunov Sniper, HK SL8 Automatic Sniper, Tar21 Assault Rifle, G36 Assault Rifle, Val Assault Rifle, M14 EBR rifle, MP5SD SMG, Minigun, M60 Machine gun, IED detonator, EX41 Grenade launcher SWEPS: Magic Sword, 100 Armor, Climb Swep 2, Bhop Swep, Hackphone, Camo, Unarrest baton, Disguise, Police shield, lockpick, Medkit, Fists Abilities: DJ equipment, Create Bitcoins, 'Special arms dealer' equipment, Spawn armor charger, 'Meth Cook' Equipment, Brew Moonshine, Grow Weed, Take Hits, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Build on streets, Can be hired as a guard Price 35£ Gman Slot Description: Gman hl2 player model Raid and base with everyone Weapons: Magic Sword, Ithacam37, USAS, SVT40, G36, AW50, AMD65, m1918bar, Glock, Dragunov. 3 Russian SWEPS: Active Camouflage ,Climb SWEP, Bhop SWEP, Hack-phone, 100 Armour, Unarrest Baton, Medkit, Hammer, Shield Abilities: DJ Equipment, Bitcoin miner, Weed, Moonshine, Meth equipment, Special arms dealer, Hits, Hired as guard, Raid PD, Raid Bank, build on the street. Price: N/A Rebellion Slot Description: Rebellion - Raid and Base with everyone Weapons: Double Barrel Shotty, Spas12, Ithaca M37, SVU, Crossbow, G36, SL8 and Tar21 SWEPS: Camo swep, BHop Swep, Climb Swep 2, Bugbait, Medkit, Magic Sword, Unarrest Baton, Police Shield, Hack Phone, Pro Lockpick, Keypad cracker and Disguise kit Abilities: Meth, Bitcoin, Weed, Moonshine, DJ Equipment, Hitman (job can take hits), 100 Armor and Armor charger Price: 25£ Exile (✔) Description: Verified Crispy man player model Raid and base with anyone Most weapons on the server All weapons are good and serve a purpose no filler weapons like other jobs Weapons: Magic Sword, USAS, Remington 870, SCAR, SVU, MP5Sd, Deagle, Ithaca, M60, AMD65, M1918 Bar, Sl8, Barret M82, 1887 Winchester, Glock SWEPS: Active Camouflage, Climb SWEP, Bhop, Hackphone, 100 Armour, Unarrest Baton, Disguise Kit, Lock pick, Keypad Cracker, Med Kit Abilities: DJ Equipment, Mug, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Grow weed , Special Arms Dealer, bitcoin, meth Price 45
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