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  1. Really recommend this guy here he's really cold @Cold_Beanz
  2. i forgot to update everything gman armedpolice shade osas sleezy
  3. Forgot to update everything Armed Police now down to £35 - Shade & Osas £5 Removed a bunch of stuff but now buying CJ's IGM also dont type in here lol
  4. Selling: Armed Police: £40 - 170 mil IGM Marine: £15 - 80 mil IGM Shade: £5 - just £5 Meta: £10 - 60 mil IGM Sleezy: £25 - 100 mil IGM Prices are firm but if you are convincing enough I am willing to negotiate, just drop me message on Discord and we'll figure something out Discord: bred9
  5. IG Name: Niko B Buying: Exile Description: buying an Exile custom job slot for 80 mil you pay fee, not sure what it really goes for so if this is an underpay i'm willing to throw in some more igm. Looking to pay: 80 mil Payment method(s) IGM Other comments: drop us a message on Discord (shown below) to discuss a price. bred#8172
  6. I come your house with ak 27 and boomboomboomboomboom peaches peaches peaches peaches peaches peaches Borat Sagdiyev - Wikipedia

  7. he says it was last rebellion update, im going to stick with my original thought of it not being allowed to build on streets
  8. thought so, cheers mate wait hold on, keepalive just sent me this
  9. bred or niko

    cj on street

    can all custom jobs build on street? [OOC] qbittorrent: Niko don't you have reb? [OOC] Niko B: yes but i want to build on streets [OOC] qbittorrent: it can [OOC] Niko B: bruv what [OOC] qbittorrent: all cj can afaik [OOC] Niko B: no it cant mate
  10. bred or niko


    hello guys just wondering if i can have a fully blacked out base
  11. bred or niko


    hello can anyone tell me if crosshair x is bannable i am yet to have used it but still want to know incase
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