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  1. Foxero

    Selling Steven

    IG Name: Minge On Duty Selling: Steven Description: A good CJ for both raiding and basing, lots of sweps, guns and permissions for example being able to raid PD/Bank, licensed and able to build on street Price: £40 including fee Payment method(s) Paypal Other comments: Pm me on the server or add me on Discord Foxero#5433 SOLD
  2. Foxero


    Just wanna commend her for doing such a good job and going OD whenever it needs Definetly one of the most promising staff members there is right now. Keep up the great work @Jaz!
  3. Foxero

    Ice Cube

    Deserves Admin+ next up
  4. I'd like to recommend "Ice cube" here for Admin+ for all his dedication shown to Cloud Gaming. Not only is he very friendly when talking to him personally but he is always top notch on everything he does Staff wise. When i first started out on CG and joined this awesome community and became staff myself, Ice always was there for me and other people answering every questions they had about rules, punishments etc. He is a ex-staff member two years back (I think), a mentor and event staff who knows what to do whatever the case and is very serious with his work here as staff. I think that Ice Cube is the best Admin so far in this community and deserves more attention than he already gets for his inhumanly amazing work. DC , Jamie and Roast pls let this guy apply earlier, He is needed in this community #IceCube for A+
  5. Why even bother writing if not being serious Adam?
  6. IG Name: Foxero Selling: Slot of Susan Price: £45 Payment: Paypal only Contact: Pm in game or Discord Discord: Foxero#5433
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