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  1. Lowered Private Military Price from 40 Incl Fee to 25 Incl Fee and added Freaky Frank for 25 incl fee!! Buy now I need money pls
  2. ALL PRICES FOR THE CJS ARE NOW LOWER! Addicted Header 36 -> 35 / Roadman 50 -> 45 / Private Military 45 -> 40 BUY NOW
  3. Added Addicted Header For Sale...(Sry @Flip I just need those creds )
  4. Now only taking payments in Job Credits for something SPECIAL and ROADMAN is now for sale!
  5. New set price on Private Military(45 included fee) but still accepting cjs as payment as long as you pay both fees(2 GIFTS to whoever buys the slot!)
  6. If you need a Model I can come on
  7. Ok but Private Military template when
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