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  1. UPDATE: Ronald Ownership transferred to @Venice and +M14 +M249 +armour +New Playermodel. Go PM him for a slot
  2. UPDATE: Added Private Military by request
  3. UPDATE: Added Baldy and Reb templates
  4. Selling CI if ur looking for cheap CP
  5. PM roast here https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/profile/1-roast/
  6. 70 quid for roadman, what a steal
  7. UPDATE: Alpha raider is now Asian restaurant owner
  8. Lemze

    Dancer store.

    Nice template 😍
  9. UPDATE: Added Brute+ & Dancer Template
  10. UPDATE: Roadman: +Grappling Hook ~ Alpha Raider: -l85 -m1918bar -tec-9 +awp +mustang and sally +Crossbow +Winchester1987 +winchester73 +m14 +double barrel +uzi +tmp +m249 +Double barrel shotgun+lockpick +take hits +moonshine +armour charger +weed +keypad cracker +RemingtonR5RGP +Grappling Hook Buy Flip's baldy (30GBP INC FEE) (Flip#0120)
  11. UPDATE: Roadman +Winchester 73 😈
  12. Lemze

    Rodney's shop

    looks great man
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