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  1. me when Don and Samurai picture not avaliable
  2. Wil Zeus

    better pickaxe

    i didnt know what that was you potato
  3. Wil Zeus

    better pickaxe

    what do you mean better pickaxe
  4. my man really left the team :( you were the best tho goodluck on god knows what your up to now

  5. fun fact: he didnt use my screenshot, but nice guide :3
  6. Hello and welcome to the guide on how to do anything a new player should know about! If you need any help with anything I didn't list here, feel free to put it down below in the comments and i'll try my best to respond to them as soon as possible. Let's begin, shall we? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do you dance? Hold your keys out and press your reload key and you should see this listed below: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I take token flips? Simple, do !store and go to "Games", and if you have done it correctly, you should see this: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do I use gang chat? The command for that is /ga (text). Keep in mind you have to be in a gang to use this feature. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are these "CJ's/Custom Jobs" are and now do I make one? Custom Jobs, refering to one's people are on like Boner, Brute, Tagilla, .Ghost, Chief Inspector, Citizen+, etc. have these things called "custom/private weapons" which mean they are exclusive to the person that requested it and payed for. To make a CJ/Custom job all you need to do is !jobs and you should see a menu that is too large for me to put on here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanna check the rules but the command is not !rules, what is it?!? It's !motd. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just joined the server, how do I make money? I recommend basing with people to make money, and if you want a job to start out money making, I recommend either Crypto Miner or Moonshine Brewer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm trying to make an application, how do I check my playtime? To check your playtime, you have to do !playtime and it should say "CG | You have played for xxxx:xx:xx time". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are these "turf's"? It's what you call "purge" on other server's but it's set at a set position and you have NLR. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What job do I have to be to rob the bank? You have to be a thief and you can be one by going to the F4 Menu then Jobs, scrolling a bit down, and you would see it under Stealth Raider, or alternatively, you can do /thief in chat to become one. You can use the hammer to break the safe's protected part, and if you did it right, you should see piles of money open up as a whole and then you can start stealing gold, and selling it/using it to craft anything you want to. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is a "Mayor Election" and how do I join it? Well, you can join it by heading over to the PD, pressing your use key on the "Mayor Secretary" and pressing "Yes" afterwards, keep in mind you need 5000 or 5k in participation of it, and you won't always win it like your supposed to always. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How easy is it to become CP? Very easy, just press F4 and go over to Jobs, and click on any single one listed below this screenshot in-game: Obviously you can't be the mayor since you have to vote for it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are these Underground Mutant's and where can I kill them? Anywhere really, underground, aboveground. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's all I have for this guide, if I missed any, put it down in the comments, see ya! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Wil Zeus


    If you want to make a staff complaint, do it here.
  8. very yummy cj is very good (let me out of your basement its been 10 years)
  9. no more selling anything i dont have anything to sell
  10. Wil Zeus

    Citizen+ Store

  11. useful but why do you have a hentai phys gun
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