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  1. very yummy cj is very good (let me out of your basement its been 10 years)
  2. no more selling anything i dont have anything to sell
  3. Wil Zeus

    Citizen+ Store

  4. useful but why do you have a hentai phys gun
  5. ask an admin+ or a superadmin about that
  6. might look boring as fuck, but its useful. +SUPPORT
  7. classical "i like his deep voice" moment from me ifykyk
  8. ayo wilton commenting on a forum post? unheard of
  9. Wil Zeus

    new player

    You do all those in the F4 Menu.
  10. True, and he's nice and we know eachother and he's very forgiving. +Support (useless but its for the fuck sakes)
  11. Man I wish I can afford this stuff
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