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  1. 03.21.2024 Shinobi Update: Added: Store Shelf (People asked for it to be added) Removed: Nothing 03.27.2024 Added: Nothing Removed: Don from the store (since ownership has been sold)
  2. 03.21.2024 Don Update: Added: PKM Removed: Minigun
  3. 03.19.2024 Don Update: Added: Crypto Removed: Casino Entities
  4. 02.25.2024 Don Update: Added: M4A1 Iron & AS Val Removed: Nothing
  5. 02.15.2024 Don Update: Added: Special Arms Dealer & Gun Dealer Removed: Nothing
  6. 02.12.2024 Added: Nothing Removed: Brute from the store (since ownership has been sold)
  7. 02.12.2024 Don Update: Added: Ace Gun Removed: .357 Revolver 02.07.2024 SVU-AS Update: Scope bug fixed.
  8. 02.06.2024 Shinobi Update: Added: SVU-AS Removed: Nothing Samurai Update: Added: SVU-AS Removed: Nothing
  9. 01.24.2024 Shinobi Update: Added M4A4 Howl Brute Update: Added SR-25 Don Update: Added Disguise Kit Removed Polizei from the Store. (Since Ownership got sold).
  10. 01.23.2024 Don Update: Added: Minigun & Double Barrel Shotgun Removed: AWP & Winchester 73 Polizei: Removed: Peacekeeper
  11. 12.02.2023 Brute Update: Added: LSAT Removed: CSS AUG
  12. 10.18.2023 Shinobi Update: Added: Unarrest Baron - AK47 Beast Don Added to the Store.
  13. Polizei Update: Added: SR-25, Rheinmetal MG3, AK-47 Removed: PKM
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