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  1. Immersel

    Selling Gman for IGM

    lick my off
  2. Immersel

    Selling Rebellion Slot

    what this man said
  3. Immersel

    Selling Rebellion Slot

    someone please buy his slot
  4. Immersel

    Immersels Corner Shop

    Price is now 50 still looking for people to send offers ❤️ please do buy it
  5. Immersel

    Selling Rebellion

    buys them cheap sells them more its the name of the game exept he gets his slots really cheap as he has maxed out charisma
  6. Immersel

    Selling Rebellion

    what happened to the like 4 slots you had ?
  7. Immersel

    Danny do dah

    Declined Due to the feedback highlighted above, I would like to see you mainly work on your activity and showcase that you are worthy of the Super Admin rank - if you are able to fix what has been said I do not see any other negatives. You may reapply in two years. Regards, ~The Community Team and @Shax
  8. Immersel

    TCH Colmar

  9. Immersel

    Hello Store yes

  10. Immersel

    Hello Store yes

    or buy mine for 35
  11. Immersel

    Hello Store yes

    buy my soldier slot for 55 negotiable xxx
  12. Immersel

    Selling soldier slot

    yes comrad
  13. Immersel

    Selling soldier slot

    u keemstar
  14. Immersel

    Selling soldier slot

    yes sir and a suck
  15. Immersel

    Selling Rebellion

    speak russian my friend me no understand the inglish @sexae girl give epic gamer a big succ comrad