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  1. Digga D drill artist🤑

  2. Updated Listings selling all my custom jobs message me if you're interested Immersel#7858
  3. Immersel

    Bonk's store

    Thank you for mentioning me in your store.
  4. Give @Sprickles a bell. Always selling the best cj on the market. (My opinion <3)
  5. how do i make a bind to do the robot dance im serious lol
  6. respect the hustle. i think this is a very good deal, you get a cool custom job owned by nig gang member Alex (rat) approved by immersel
  7. Immersel

    Marine Giveaway!

    Accepted Thank you for creating this ban appeal, after reviewing both sides I am prepared to accept this ban appeal. Obviously there was some mistake in the decision making of your ban. The Admin jumped the gun instead of taking the proper time to decide what you did was wrong or not. You will be unbanned ASAP. Kind Regards, ~ The Community Team
  8. Immersel


    hello! my name is sam, welcome to cloud gaming darkrp.
  9. Updated Listings Changed "Crusader" to "Prostitute" Changed the model from "Eli" to "Chell" Changed the colour to some pinkish colour, different to boner or whatever it's called now lol waiting for cj restart nig gang
  10. It's the stripped model, half human half combine type shit i think
  11. Immersel


    Are you being serious lol
  12. Immersel


    why r u banned babes
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