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  1. ugh boo you're such a simp xoxo
  2. I wish you the best of luck on your staff application sweetie xxx

  3. I'd like to recommend @S1CK for numerous reasons, I've known the bloke for a few years now and when you get to know him on a deep spirtural level you can really relate to him and see of how an amazing guy he is. He's kind, caring, friendly and someone you need in your life. From meeting this fella my life has improved as he's always there when you need someone to talk to or even just have a laugh with over a game. S1CK's manners are impecable and he's honestly the most mature and polite person I've ever spoken to. while im here big shoutout 2 all the national institute of gamer guys, free @demonostrils free @sw4ner soon home
  4. Immersel

    Selling CJ's

    this seems interesting @Kaede❄ could you hmu with this
  5. Nice update Alex and the other Freaky Frank custom job owners. nig gang
  6. Updated Listings Sold Prostitute Ownership to @Slav
  7. I am currently banned for 6 months, haven't been on since first of June as that was when I got banned.
  8. Not the National Institute of Gamers, we will always be on top.
  9. The National Institute of Gamers is always welcoming new players, ask a member in game for an invite.
  10. Digga D drill artist🤑

  11. Updated Listings selling all my custom jobs message me if you're interested Immersel#7858
  12. Immersel

    Bonk's store

    Thank you for mentioning me in your store.
  13. Give @Sprickles a bell. Always selling the best cj on the market. (My opinion <3)
  14. how do i make a bind to do the robot dance im serious lol
  15. respect the hustle. i think this is a very good deal, you get a cool custom job owned by nig gang member Alex (rat) approved by immersel