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  1. Immersel

    How do I get css pack

    or just buy counter strike source as its like 60p on sale lol
  2. Immersel

    Deus' Store!

    lol exile is pretty much the best cj i dont think so for 20 quid
  3. Immersel

    Selling rebellion slot

    @jtwepiczombie and some beans you pay fee ?
  4. Immersel

    Florian's Shop [Soldier]

  5. Hi

  6. Immersel

    Selling Exile

  7. Immersel

    Hello Store yes

    @Hello매춘부 owner and this guy @Cataclysm i believe
  8. Immersel

    Bank Transfer needed

    bet you have a p3 claud
  9. Immersel

    Bank Transfer needed

    bet you use enduring and spirit fury
  10. Immersel

    Bank Transfer needed

    lol yeah mate i do
  11. Immersel

    Bank Transfer needed

    leather face main
  12. Immersel

    Selling Exile

    45 pounds
  13. Immersel

    Hello Store yes

    It does cost alot of money you know to add weapons and shit so i would say make sure you have quite alot of spare money to spend
  14. Immersel

    Hello Store yes

    btw you dont get a slot when you buy co ownership
  15. Immersel

    Immersels Corner Shop

    no longer selling soldier @_RzVibration is cool