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    Playing as Steven custom job
    Also buy Gman,Rebellion or Steven those are best cjs
    fuck baldy gang lol

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  1. Immersel

    Buying Rebellion

    Ngl most people sell for 20 so you're gonna be waiting for a while unless someone just needs cash
  2. Immersel

    Toast's Custom Job Store

  3. Immersel

    Selling Baldy[SOLD]

    i swear everyone is selling baldy and undercutting everyone right now lol
  4. Immersel

    S1CK's Store

    Good man selling Baldy.
  5. Immersel

    Most active mod

    not to brag but I was your like 800 rep.
  6. Immersel

    Selling Exile Cheap

  7. Immersel

    Buying Baldy

    I would say Gman or Exile or maybe even Steven as Gman and Exile are both verrified and Steven is on sale and has really good sales and Rz and Sprickles wont strip it so.
  8. Immersel

    Buying Baldy

    You wont get Baldy for that You'll probably get rebellion and thats it or something along those lines
  9. Immersel


    No prices are set for cjs but rebellion is around 100-150 mil or something
  10. Immersel

    Gun prices?

    It does not
  11. Immersel


    Accepted Congratulations on your new rank, I have added you to your new rank in-game and on the forums, Before you are allowed to execute any commands you must go through a mentoring system where you will be tested and trained in order to be able to moderate/administrate our server as professionally and efficiently as possible, in order to get a mentor assigned to you please message @squidward via the forums, please also include your discord tag if you are wishing for the staff role on discord. Regards, ~The Community Team
  12. Immersel

    Immersel yeah

    Updated listings Added Exile Removed Boney No custom job's are currently up for sale
  13. Immersel

    Immersel yeah

    its fine trading it for exile slot lol
  14. Immersel

    Selling Baldy Cheap

    I would like to disagree with that.