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  1. logan stinks of fish from the chippy
  2. Updated Listings probably gonna sell some slots to crusader only a few tho hmu with an offer also hmu if u wanna buy full ownership immer#0886
  3. Or you could get a job called Steven which has more then boney and has more clout but you have rebellion atm so stay rebellion gang
  4. Updated Listings Hnood now co-owns that steven cj say goodbye to rz lol
  5. Updated Listings Changed Angry Feminist name to Crusader Model changed to Eli Colour changed to RGB: 172, 172, 172 (Light grey) Thanks to Holm for making the template!
  6. wait is that real miller ? but fr you probably should contact someone about this if this is the case.
  7. Immersel

    Eskimo's Store

    I mean it doesn't really need it, Exile has more then you need really. Matador is shit and IED is bugged atm, ex41 is a btec matador and you can't buy M202 from what I know. Also most other explosives are not allowed to be bought or have been removed from the M9K pack.
  8. Updated Listings I own Angry Feminist custom job omg!
  9. No longer looking for custom jobs
  10. Updated Listings No longer selling exile. Looking to buy a CJ with IGM. Message me Immersel#0886 for more information.
  11. Immersel

    Buying Baldy

    This is worse then the things sneekyman says in steven slot owners chat
  12. Updated Listings Exile is now on sale for £40 but I am willing to negotiate. Also accepting custom job swaps depending on what the custom job is. Message me for more information Immersel#0886
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