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  1. got packed by me

  2. whats ur fav pokemon?
  3. ur mum cooks good food, tell her i said thank you

  4. Upated Listings changed doom slayer name to kelvins coffin n17 #1
  5. Upated Listings added PAYMENT OPTION: PAYPAL NOGOOD #1
  6. Upated Listings added lampz n .Nogood+ big up @Coochie manboy 420 @Relly @Slayer NOGOOD #1
  7. Any chance I can give you the money in person, I can sort you the price near the Pleasure Beach toilets.
  8. Upated Listings added brute ennit - love for @Slayer n @Relly NOGOOD #1
  9. Upated Listings Updated Bandit - !cat now MSCD #1
  10. Upated Listings Added Elite Guard Updated FreakyFrank Stuff MSCD #1
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