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    I know my reply is late, Here is what to do When you are in the server press F4 a menu will pop up with everything you want. You asked about Jobs you will find it in the Jobs section and you will see an entities section there you will find everything your job can buy and do EX: If you work as a meth cook you will find everything in there that helps you make meth, also you will see the money printers as you asked. If you have any further questions please let me know <3 Also make sure to check the rules by doing this command in chat "!motd" so you can prevent any problems happening with you and have fun to the fullest. Being new to DarkRP is a bit confusing at first but you will start to get the hang of it, happened to all of us
  2. Buying IG Name: TBL BigKillers Buying:Rebellion CJ Looking to pay:100M IGM you pay fee Payment method(s):In-Game Other comments:N/A
  3. We can't deny that GaBeN is one of the best staff members in this community, he is super chill and super nice and knows how to handle situations. As well as he is very active and always there to save the day and switches to OD when asked to. He is a nice guy overall so great job my guy @GaBeN
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