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  1. I agree with the first part, but Mr. jtwepiczombie is far worse than this.
  2. never comment on anything of mine ever again
  3. Uh oh, no worries, hope everything's okay ❤️
  4. @Noseian You not want Blaze for £20? Big stink
  5. I'll take the chance, deal
  6. but you wont break my kneecaps if i do £20? @Noseian
  7. Price updated for Blaze.
  8. Update: Chief Inspector Sold Blaze £35 - I pay fee. If someone buys blaze within an hour I'll lower Blaze to £30
  9. Buy Blaze and Chief inspector from me whilst you isolate, not that you went out anyway. Blaze: £30 Chief Inspector: £10 SOLD
  10. Didn't read the change logs and didn't know the rules -Rep
  11. Sits up at 5AM smoking, eating and staffing. What a guy. 10/10. Always try's to reach his OD time and teaches me how to play league. Much love (Mostly homo) @Packie McReary
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