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  1. IG Name: Yato Selling: Baldy Slot Description: That bald bastard running round the street Price: £N/A Payment method(s): None yet Other comments: Form will be filled the instant payment is received if a sale is made. Contact me on Discord if anything further is needed to be discussed. YatoKami#4478
  2. "Description: Exile Slot"
  3. Didn't read the change logs and didn't know the rules -Rep
  4. Sits up at 5AM smoking, eating and staffing. What a guy. 10/10. Always try's to reach his OD time and teaches me how to play league. Much love (Mostly homo) @Packie McReary
  5. Yato-Kami

    Yato's Store.

    Send me a PM and we'll sort something out
  6. Yato-Kami

    Yato's Store.

    BUMP - Prices updated
  7. Yato-Kami

    Yato's Store.

    BUMP - Exile has been sold, other two CJ's still available. Will do a deal if they're both bought at the same time
  8. Yato-Kami

    Yato's Store.

    BUMP - Prices updated on Private Military (-£5) and Exile (-£15)
  9. Yato-Kami

    Yato's Store.

    BUMP - Will do a deal if 2 or more CJ's are bought at the same time. PM Me on Discord for details - Yato#6387
  10. Yato-Kami

    Yato's Store.

    BUMP - Updated prices and CJ's available.
  11. Been doing a good job OD lately and has been OD a lot. Looks like a promising return
  12. Haha @KoqeyHD? Doesn't come on anymore xD. Thanks for the post though <3
  13. Yato-Kami

    Exile Custom Job

    Slots is 5/5 atm. You'd need to buy it off someone who owns a slot.
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